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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Burqini Banned in French Swimming Pool

A French convert to Islam was banned from wearing her 'burqini' in her local swimming pool in Emerainville, near Paris - and she claims it is because of discrimination and a policy of 'segregation':

Worldwide controversy about Islamic dress for women reached new heights today after a young mother was banned for wearing a ‘burkini’ at her local swimming pool.

Carole, 35, a French Muslim convert, was told that the three-part burka-like bodysuit including head covering was ‘inappropriate’.

It follows President Nicolas Sarkozy’s comments that burkas are a ‘sign of subservience’ for women which should be banned.

Carole - who did not want her surname published – was told to stop using a pool at Emerainville, near Paris.

This was despite the burkini, which was bought in Dubai for around £40 when Carole was on holiday, being similar to the all-in-one swimsuits now worn by champion swimmers.

It consists of leggings, a long sleeved tunic, and head covering.

Carole said: ‘I was told that it would allow me the pleasure of bathing without showing off my body, which is what Islam recommends’.

Carole, who converted from Christianity when she was 17, made a formal complaint to police at nearby Meaux, saying she had been discriminated against.

‘I’d called a number of swimming pools in the area. The manager of the third had a look at the burkini, and originally said there would be no problem, but made it clear that he would not have the final decision.’

After buying a summer season ticket at the Emerainville pool for herself and her children, Carole was initially allowed to enjoy a number of sessions.

But she was then told that she could no longer wear the burkini anymore, officially because it was against ‘hygiene relations’, but, according to Carole, because of ‘political reasons’.

‘For me, it’s segregation,’ she explained. ‘I’m going to continue fighting to have a choice.

‘I understand that the burkini can shock, especially as we’re in France, but what disturbs me is that this is a political issue.

‘I’m going to fight this problem through anti-racism groups, and if no solution is forthcoming I’ll consider leaving the country.’

Yannick Decompois, swimming pools director for the Marne-la-Vallée area, where Emerainville is situated, said: ‘This isn’t anything to do with segregation, but simply a hygiene problem.

I'm sure France will miss her should she choose to leave. In fact, seeing as she has chosen Islam, I'm surprised she hasn't already moved to a tolerant, morally superior Muslim country where such things as racism and segregation were abolished successfully so long ago, leaving us trailing miserably in their wake.

On a serious note, this is typical 'lawfare', and using a convert to lead the charge makes it ten times worse, as radicals now have Westerners in their corner.

This is not a decision about Islam or race; as the local mayor pointed out, this garment was hardy proscribed in the Koran.

As I understand it, most forms of loose fitting swimwear are banned in all French swimming pools, including shorts for men, and reasons of hygiene are cited.

The rules are the rules, even for Muslim converts, and people like Carole must understand this.

What tickles me most about all this is that our newspapers find the space to make it a 'worldwide controversy' - yet so much crime and disorder here simply goes unreported.


WAKE UP said...

Wherever Muslims go in the free world, there will be TROUBLE that did not exist prior to their arrival. It's really simple - they should fit in or (well you know what I'd like to say).

Good for her said...

It seems like the world now wants people to dress down, and and not dress up. It's acceptable for kids to wear mini skirts, but not acceptable to be fully clothed. Where is the dignity in that? Glad to see someone has the moral sense to understand what honor is, and not be ashamed to protect it.

WAKE UP said...

GoodForHer: it's not about any kind of "moral" sense whatsoever, it's about a rabid convert (they're always the worst) trying to undo a perfectly valid social contract that has worked perfectly well for as long as we can remember.

You'll notice she doesn't actually want to go and LIVE in a Muslim country - she just wants to mess up a perfectly good free society because of her own sad psychopathology.

You need to get a grip and see what's really the agenda here. Here it is, as briefly as I can put it: she changes her own life, and then wants to tell everybody to do the same. Well, she can go take a running jump, with or without her "burkini".

Anonymous said...

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