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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Home of Fish & Chips May Become Asian Bazaar

This story concerns the fate of the 150 year old Tommyfield Market in Oldham.

Of course, becoming an Asian bazaar is only one of three options on the table for the historic market (known as the birthplace of fish & chips) - but the article fails to mention the fact that the huge shift in the area's demographics may have something to do with the decline of the market's traditional customers.

What with parts of Oldham being no-go areas for white people, it's hardly surprising. Things like this may seem insignificant to some, but as with the decline of the traditional local pub and the abandonment of some historic inner city churches, they are hugely symbolic.

From The Manchester Evening News:

A HISTORIC Oldham market could be turned into an Asian bazaar because of a slump in customers.

Tommyfield Market has stood for 150 years and is known as the birthplace of fish and chips.

But officials say it has fallen on hard times in recent years due to a lack of investment.

Now Oldham council is considering turning it into a specialist Asian market as part of a £500,000 revamp.

Regeneration boss Coun Mohib Uddin said the town was losing out because many of its Asian community travelled to Bradford for some goods.

He said the proposal was one of a number being considered.

"We will be turning it into a specialist market because that will bring in people from far and wide," he said.

"It could be an Asian market, a farmers' market or an antiques market. It might also be a combination of the three or have different markets on different days."

Coun Uddin said he wanted to recreate the market's `glory years'.

He explained: "About 25 years ago, when I was a child, my dad used to take me there religiously and it was packed. Sadly that is not the case any more."

The plans will see stalls ripped out and replaced by portable gazebos that will be taken down at night to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Some of the brick units at the back of the market will also make way for additional parking.

The revamp includes plans to introduce a street market nearby.

Coun Uddin said pavement stalls should be in place on Albion Street by Christmas. They will sell a variety of items.

"They will only be given a licence if they are selling high quality goods," he added.

The council has already met market traders and Coun Uddin revealed there had been a `positive' response.

"We'll be meeting them again and of course we'll listen to what they say," he said.

"This is aimed at reinvigorating the market which has been pretty much ignored for the last 20 years."

The plans will also see money spent on the markets in Royton and Shaw.

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