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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Doctor Walks Free After Killing Baby

British justice strikes again for a bereaved family - a doctor whose car mounted the kerb and crushed a two month old baby to death has walked free from court.

From The Evening Standard:

The parents of a baby boy crushed to death by a GP's car spoke of their grief today after the doctor walked free from court.

Two-month-old Sacha Mason suffered head injuries and died after Dr Mohammed Fazle Hussain's vehicle mounted the kerb and slammed into his buggy.

The baby was being pushed by his mother Miriana Weston, then 32, when the crash happened in Park Avenue, Willesden, on 20 August 2007. Ms Weston escaped with minor injuries.

Dr Hussain, 64, of Pinner, was yesterday cleared at Harrow crown court of causing death by dangerous driving. The trial was being heard for the second time after a jury failed to reach a verdict earlier this year.

Sacha's parents said the verdict was "irrelevant" to their ability to cope with their son's death. Ms Weston and David Mason, of Cricklewood, said: "It doesn't require a vivid imagination to understand the impact that this has had on our lives.

"The outcome is irrelevant to our ability to recover from what happened; nothing can compensate for the loss of our son. It has been very difficult reliving events that we would rather not remember, so we are exceedingly glad it is over."

The judge found Dr Hussain, originally from Bangladesh, did not make a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre. The GP said he lost control of the hired Ford Fiesta, which had mechanical problems and failed to stop when he braked. Before the trial, he expressed sympathy for Ms Weston and Mr Mason, saying: "I do feel very bad for them."

Note how he 'feels very bad for them' (good of him, I'm sure), but blames a technical fault with the car.

Here is a report on the court case from back in February:

Dr Mohammed Fazle Hussain swerved into the middle of the road then back on to the pavement, ramming two-month-old Sacha Mason's pushchair as it was being wheeled by his mum Miriana Weston.

Witness Sharifa Ahmed told Harrow crown court that seconds before the smash in Willesden, North London, Dr Hussain had just missed her car.

Sharifa Ahmed said: "If he had not swerved back he would have hit me."

Dr Hussain, 63, told police his Ford Fiesta had suddenly mounted the pavement and the brakes failed. But an expert found no faults with the car.

It's always someone else's fault, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I like how his fellow Arab excuses his action:

"If he had not swerved back he would have hit me."

Kills a white baby, and avoids damaging another Arab's car. It's a win-win!

Anonymous said...

"But an expert found no faults with the car."


"The judge found Dr Hussain, originally from Bangladesh, did not make a 'dangerous' overtaking manoeuvre."

On what unreported evidence did this judge determine the doc didn't make a 'dangerous' manooevre?

The evidence of a dead child, a destroyed family . . .doesn't filter into this equation? Will someone kindly provide the definition of 'dangerous' that suits this judge's interpretation?

This appears to be justice of fear. What, pray tell, other cases has this 'judge' adjudicated recently?

Anonymous said...

You should meet his useless wife. An ignorant, gossip seeking fool in his community.

Pagal Arzoo said...

Strange how the experts found nothing wrong with the car!