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Sunday, 16 August 2009

An Email from Christine Nakaggwa

Back in June, I wrote a post about a demonstration of illegal immigrants pushing for regularised status, organised by a group called 'Strangers into Citizens'.

One of the stories I mentioned in my attempt to show that mass immigration from the Third World is a very bad idea was the case of Ugandan Dr Christine Nakaggwa, who was struck off after punching her one year old daughter in the face - in front of policemen who had just served her with deportation papers.

It seems Nakaggwa takes issue with my pointing out her violence:

I have read your malicious/ immigration plight story on your website and I was so ashamed that you of all organisations could use my sad story for your malicious aims. Shame on you all.
I hope my child grows up in your very country to haunt you. Your ancestors used and killed slaves for all the wealthy and paece you are talking about BUT where are they?
This country belongs to God and all the people that Dwell in it. My future is never going to be decided by white men in Home office but by God. Why Am I still in UK?
Dr.christine amanda nakaggwa

Yes, well unfortunately the third line seems almost a certainty, doesn't it? If not me then some other poor unfortunate.

Now, the first thing that strikes me about Christine is that she is a racist. Why?

Well, she seems to be implying that no white man is allowed to make a decision on her case, simply because she is black - and I'm afraid anyone who sees colour is simply beyond the pale.

Secondly, we have a standard crock of nonsense about slavery; I'm not Prince William, I very much doubt my ancestors were treated better than slaves themselves - and yet still, they managed to build a thriving, technologically advanced, modern society which was the envy of the world, one in which people like Nakaggwa still want to live and leech off of whilst condemning it.

Here is what she did to her one year old daughter:
Nakaggwa was told to calm down, but said "What if I do this?" and hit the child in the face with the back of her hand. She then hit the child again and a third time with a clenched fist. The child was taken to hospital with bruising to the eye, cheek and ear.
She sent me a second email, entitled 'official documents from Dr Nakaggwa' (surely that should read former doctor Nakaggwa?):

Mr. Earl Cromer,
This is the story that Iam referring to. To put my story among "illegal immigrants" just shows how ignorant of the law and english, you are!!! It has just discredited your activities further.
You sited the story of a man who came in uk behind a van, now that is illegal, But the a doctor who is registered with the General Medical council is very unlikely to have come in the back of a lorry let alone illegally.
This same doctor is a mother of a 2 year old did you even bother to find out who the father of the child was and if he too was illegal? Did you also assume the child came behind vans?
What is your aim in this organisation if not boredom and cheap popularity?
Iam a victim of the worst form of BRITISH INJUSTICE and anyone with half your brain could have read in between the lines of the newspaper story before incorporating it into your credible website.

To answer her question - why do I do this?

Well, I do it to warn that hundreds of thousands of people like her live in our country, and millions more wish to come.

Her violent crime against her own toddler aside, I'm very glad I never had to rely on a prescription written by her, if these emails are an accurate summary of her language skills.

However, if she keeps on like this, she'll be doing my job for me.


hire said...

I have read your malicious/ immigration plight story on your website and I was so ashamed that you of all organisations could use my sad story for your malicious aims.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Could you tell me what part of it is 'malicious'?

I'm dying to know.

nakaggwa said...

Thank you for posting my private emails to you onto your blog slot!!
I will also reply directly.
So your aim is to warn british people about the thousands of migrants.... Are these British people blind, stupid or from mars?

nakaggwa said...

2.Racism... is there a 3rd world country with multitudes of white immigrants in UK? Dont get too absurd.

nakaggwa said...

3Your ancestors built a technical sophisicated country....ummmh!

What resources does or did Britain have? All the diamonds and gold are from Africa,even the wood/timber in the house of commons/ lord is from Africa. The copper and other minerals were mined in my very country to build your railway,and bridges using my brothers as slaves.

nakaggwa said...

The very heart of this country depends on oil... How many oil wells are found in uk?
How many Nigerian lives have been lost in British sponsored wars in Nigeria in turn for barrels of oil?
Iraq is being nuclear radiated everyday by British armies just to keep the gas on in British winter!
There is a total Genoside in Darfur at the command of British forces for the same preciuos oil.
The majority of migrants in UK are from thes countries . They have been brought into Uk to fool the British public about the real evils done in these countries.
Individuals like you are not buying the plot any longer and so you are waking up...only too late and on the wrong side of the bed.

nakaggwa said...

The somalia wipe off. UK has erased a whole country of the continent of Africa... in a greedy plot to control the suez canal. The same machinery owns BBC that keeps the DOLE-coccain-creditcard-sex ADDICTED population of Uk in check. How can a few near death starving handful somalia men hijack US/UK gaint crusie liners? So the BBC tells UK. KEEP paying the TV licence!

nakaggwa said...

5 The issue of immigartion and technical UK.

You naively state that the 3rd world immigrants are so backword and a danger to your sophisiticated UK! NOw... Either the immigrants are smarter than your so called 1st world technology, or the technology you are assuming is simply glamour scam that an illiterate african finds no trouble penetrating, or your own ruling system is not telling the sluggard uk public the true facts behind immigration.WAKE UP!

nakaggwa said...

Poor africans have done away with thier land to grow food for greedy uk population and as the obesity and selfish throw away culture has increased the zimbambwean starving populace has had enough. Uk has reacted by calling the laeder Africa's worst dictactor. The world had heard the same term during IDi Amin...as a dictator...both of these had been reinstated as presidents by UK... when this failed yet the supermarkets demanded more food from africa, African leaders were rallied to join Uk in condenming Mugabe, when also this failed, then uk unleashed thier old mass destruction weapon of total sanction to Zimbabwe which saw millions of zimbambean people starved to death.Who has killed more Africans Mugabe or Zimbabwe

nakaggwa said...

7.UK's worst Ugandan....IDI AMIN DADA.
Britain forced Idi amin to rule Uganda with a view that he was illiterate and therefore easy to manipulate. Once again the african brain outsmarted the UK. The cooper that built Uk was mined in Uganda and transported on a railway line that was constructed by Asians that Britain brought and dumped in Uganda with British passports.Idi Amin asked all foreigners who wanted to stay in Uganda to acquire ugandan citizenship and those who did are still living in ugandan todate. Those who refused were given 90 DAYS to pack thier belongings and leave Uganda. Does Home Office give any immigrant even a day to pack their belongings?
Who is a worse dictator?

nakaggwa said...

Because Uk abandon GOD, the foundation of this nation were destroyed.YOU are now worshiping drugs, sex, homosexuality, sodomy, beastiality,food, paganism, satanism, athiesm, etc. Just open any newspaperor tune any tv channel. Your ancestors died as missionaries, built churches in every major UK town, and village,and GOD remembers thier sacrifises and has now sent us here in Britain with or without visas...We are coming in droves! The devil is also sending his, just as it was in your ancestors' time...some went out with bilbles some with guns....now some are coming in with bibles and others with bombs, drugs etc.
God wants us to snatche as many of you as possible from Hell's fire.
The devil knows this no wonder he has confused everyone in Home office and individuals like you!!!!

I and many others are here on a divine purpose and NO DEVIL IN HELL OR ON EARTH IS GOING TO STOP US.

WAKE UP said...

Mosley was right.

nakaggwa said...


Are you there?????

Any one to dare comment after that free lecture???

Next time choose your topics wisely.

nakaggwa said...


Are you there?????

Any one to dare comment after that free lecture???

Next time choose your topics wisely.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Oh yes, I'm here - just enjoying the show produced by the products of your "superior African brain" at the moment.

This country has fallen a long way over the past decades, but the idea that someone as clearly disturbed and barely literate as yourself was ever a doctor is truly chilling.

You are as mad as a hatter, and anyone who reads your lecture - sorry, ramblings - can see that.

Here's hoping the Home Office gives you notice to pack your bags soon - throw in ten years or so for your appeals to clear (no time at all, is it?) and we might finally be rid of you.

Now, you'd best get back to your conspiracy theories about the British Army ruling the entire world.

nakaggwa said...

Oh nice to hear you are sober atlast to reply...

I gave you 8 points for your "literate" brain to chew on!!

...wow is that all you could say?
Just hoping that Home office packs me up....will the web have shut down also?

or does homeoffice control the eternet? How grandiosed you are!!!

nakaggwa said...

Now that you have shown me how slow you are at assimilating my points, let me go very slow...dummy!

First....IAM AND ALWAYS will be a doctor. I know your brain cant fathom it.

The university confers to someone the doctorate degree and it is only the medical school that can cancel it.

Being erased from uk madical council ONLY stops one practising medicine in UK....I remain a doctor AND can practice medicine all over the world!!!

Oh go ahead adress me as Doctor!

This nonsense about criminal records, only works in this control freak country...were the govt monitors and controls all its people from cradle to grave...
A bad/good CRB is another strong weapon that is unleashed on the citizens of Briatin. if u dont have one then u live in eternal fear of getting one,if u have one then, you are a slave to dole etc and dancing to the tune of govt.

Foreignors go back to thier country and resume life as any other living being...Because to error is to human. This is the true plan ofGod ...sin ...pay for the crime... repent...forgiven and free to live on! Not to be gagged by police databases! Even animals laugh at the British humanism!

nakaggwa said...

You are right to say...you never had to depend on my prescription!!

I thank UK for sending me to its Prison before I ever got a chance to practise medicine...

In your prisons...I met the "SHAME" of Britain!

Listen to me real good! I hope you can handle this...

nakaggwa said...

Britain doesnt need any more doctors especially like me....

None of my NHS medical prescriptions could ever heal/ cure the REAL CANCERS OF BRITISH people.

NO modern investigative procedure can diagnose the REAL CAUSE Of your problems.

I would have wasted my time in the NHS, I would have lived a non fulfilled destiny while chasing the ratrace of medicine.

No, you are right...Thank you for sending me to HER MAJESTY's PRISON!
My eyes are open, my heart is in the right place.

nakaggwa said...


You people are empty, you try being workaholics thinking the more money the better you will feel,

then you acquire stuff thinking this will satisfy you,
you marry,get kids, but it all doesnt add up,
you scream at football matches every sunday your ancestors were in church at that time,

You give donations to the poor in Africa, but nothing adds up,

acquire qualifications, abort children , divorce/ separate, adopt children,

you get promoted at work,go to expensive holidays,

but the DEEP seated loneliness and emptiness just grows wide!

At any stage in the above cycle the real British man/woman crumbles and these are some of few stories you read in the uk media,

.millionaire shoots family and himself,
.celebrity x has died of drug overdose,
.baby K has been murdered by own mother,
.more teen girls binge drink into stupor,
.cigarette cancers claiming millions in Uk per year,
. police faking statistics to be promoted/ meet targets,
.obesity rises as uk gets addicted to food,chocolate
.footballer's wife is anorexic,
.dead pensioner found in flat after 5yrs in london,
.peadophiles as teachers,
.man marries man, man becomes pregnant
.tycoon having a 5-some in brothel!
.More kids to be locked up for petty crimes
.13yr old cannot consent to sex but consent to abortion.
.more people travelling to country z to end it all.
etc etc etc

Now tell me that any of the above could be found in any 3rd world country,

Assure me that my medical training could ever cure this true UK CANCER!!!!

nakaggwa said...

While in HM prison, I meet the real British men and women....

Unlike you who are still faking it, and running on the govt conveyor belt of work-tax-die and being disillusioned about the GREAT in Britain, The people in prison have realised their DEEP seated sickness. They know drugs , alchohol, sex etc cant help.

This is when I got myself erased from the register....

Read the article again.... It is I who told the GMC my fitness to practise convectional medicine had been impaired.

nakaggwa said...

- Which xray can tell a peadophile?,
-which scan can tell a murderer/terrorist?,
-which lab test do you use for injustice?, racism, discrimination?,

Is their an injection for sexual perversion?

Which tablet do you give a divorced man who has no contact rights to his children?

Which analgesics do you give to a pensioner who has not seen her family who live just blokes away for decades?

which craem do you prescribe for a woman in prison who was raped by her own father?

what is the cure of drink/ drug driving offences?

What surgical scissors do you use to cut the greedy hand of govt that prefers taxes from cigarettes than the wellfare of its people?

How do you counsel a teenager not to get pregnant just to get a council flat?

What is the remedy for the woman who made it up the promotion ladder on the expense of several abortions, a failed marriage etc?

What public healthy strategy would I apply to the sun's page 2 young girls that are stripped naked everyday for a few pounds?

What safety measures would I apply to encourage people to greet/get to know thier neighbors, let out thier children, send a child to the local shop.

How would I boost the self steem of that prostitute whose STI I treated today so that she wont come back with HIV/ hepatiti?.

What prescription do you give a son who wants to take his old mum to switzeland to end her life so that he can get a hold of that cash/ house?

How can I assure the woman that she is luck to be alive who wants to be give a disability tag so that she can cash in?

How can I treat a teenager who has cut her wrists just because her selfish parents have divorced so that they can share the wealth?

A banker has just lost alot of money in selfish gambling and is pullinga trigger to his head which pill do you give?

A couple has just murdered thier toddler in a drug overdose, a social worker loses her job, the bank snatches her house, car, her children are destitute and she is come to see me in AA what leaflet on injustice do I prescribe?

A young boy has refused to eat until he has a sex change surgery because he watched it on national tv, how soon should I schedule?

Half the adult- dole UK cant write or read because they were bullied at school should I daignose dislexia?

nakaggwa said...

Take a break ....and at your prompting I will proceed!

nakaggwa said...

I will have to conclude this issue then!

Yes mass immigration is very bad for your country.

The Home office is overwhelmed by the number of applications and appeals.

BUT..1)The fact that your armies are wiping out other countries in search for oil,
2) your EU laws favour refugees/assylum created by the British wars,
3)Half of British citizens cant read or write,or sustain a job
4)UK is a capitalistic nation, the rich (muslim) are buying off banks, mortgages, football teams, building mosques in every major town/village and thier own faith schools.
5)Uk citizen is busy signing on the weekly dole, accumulating criminal records, and snorting drugs

....The immigrants are still coming!

Not all immigrants are refugees or assylum seekers but HOME OFFICE HAS REDUCED UK TO A RED CROSS CAMP!

I came to UK to do a postgraduate in orthopeadics, what I have found in UK Iam too shocked to narrate! You have the dirty details MR.Earl

The least I can do as I wait for my numerous appeals (10 yrs you have estimated) is to help and snatch as many of you out of the fires of Hell as possible.

I started in Prison...5 girls drug addicts gave thier lives to God and I nursed them off methadone.

I started evening fellowship meetings in the prison wings where we saw many lives transformed!

I wonder if you can boast of the same by your spiteful articles on your website?

NO, your country doesnt need doctors like me.


That is the reason GOD has brought us here.

Anonymous said...

Amanda don't bother reasoning with a man who obviously just sits in the dark and most likely pays no taxes. You have obviously given him enough material to hopefully write a book and become a proper writer ( not just sometimes).