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Monday, 10 August 2009

The Temptations of "Uncovered Meat" in New York

In this article describing how a Muslim personal trainer touched the genitals of a female client in New York, notice how much time is spent talking about the actual crime they are reported, and how much time is spent talking about a previous, already solved crime - which was not committed by a Muslim:
NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. (WPIX) - A personal trainer at a local, popular gym was arrested and charged after police said he inappropriately touched a female client during a training session.

According to detectives, 27-year-old Mahmood Malik surrendered to police at the Third Precinct Saturday, and was charged with third-degree sexual abuse. The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge.

Malik, who is employed as a personal trainer at L.A. Fitness in New Hyde Park, touched the 24-year-old's female client's genitals during a session on Tuesday at 10 p.m. police said.

The details surrounding the assault were not released.

It's unclear whether L.A. Fitness was aware of the incident at the time of Malik's arrest. A phone call to corporate headquarters was not immediately returned.

This isn't the first time a trainer at the New Hyde Park L.A. Fitness location inappropriately touched a client. Back in January 2008, Mark Griffin, 42, of Laurelton, Queens forcibly touched a woman he was training at the fitness club, police said.

Griffin reportedly rubbed up against the woman from behind during a triceps exercise. Griffin insisted on giving her a massage after the workout, and he touched her "most intimate private area" during the rubdown, Nassau County Detective Lt. Raymond Cote said.

At the time, Griffin was on parole after serving 12 years for armed robbery. The woman reported the incident to cops and gym management the next day, but Griffin was allowed to continue to work at the gym for nearly two more weeks, Cote said. Griffin's position at the gym was eventually terminated, and was arrested and charged with forcible touching.

Police are now seeking other potential victims of Malik, and are asking anyone who may have been victimized by the trainer to call the Third Squad at 516-573-6354.
They are appealing to see if Malik committed other sexual assaults against clients, but still manage to dedicate more than half the text to an irrelevant, unconnected case.

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