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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Teacher Convicted of Sexual Assault

I have written previously about the case of Nigerian-born teacher Keith Ogunsola, accused of sexually assaulting several young girls in his care.

The case was completely ignored by the mainstream press, despite such incidents usually making the headlines without fail.

On 30th July 2009, Ogunsola was convicted of sexual assault and told he was facing "an immediate prison sentence."

This information was only reported in This is Surrey Today, an online edition of several local newspapers:

A PERVERTED teacher who plunged his tongue into a 14-year-old's mouth faces jail after being convicted of sexual assault.

A court heard how Keith Ogunsola, 44, from Banstead, grabbed hold of the teenager in his office and kissed her.

He also quizzed pupils about their sex lives.

The married father was said to have embarrassed girls during a chemistry revision class by asking if they had given oral sex to their boyfriends.

Describing her ordeal in Ogunsola's office in February 2008, the girl said: "He put his arms around my waist and said 'do you want a kiss?'

"He pulled me close and then kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth.

"I pushed him away. He pulled me really close.

"He was holding my wrists and he kissed me again."

Snaresbrook Crown Court, in east London, heard the science master had been cleared of sexual assault on a pupil at the same school two years earlier.

He was also cleared of two sexual assaults at a school in Carshalton in 2000 but continued to work as a teacher.

Jurors took three hours to unanimously convict Ogunsola of sexual assault, he was cleared of two counts of indecent assault and attempted sexual assault.

Judge Martyn Zeidman QC told him: "You have committed a huge breach of trust.

"You have taken advantage of that girl and you have behaved disgracefully.

"You're facing an immediate prison sentence."

But the judge ordered pre-sentence reports and bailed Nigerian-born Ogunsola for sentencing on August 28.

Prosecutors are seeking an order banning Ogunsola from working with children.

Following his conviction on Friday, July 24, The Mirror went to his home address to ask what neighbours thought about the verdict.

One neighbour, who had known Mr Ogunsola and his family for more than 10 years, was shocked at the news.

He said: "I can't see how this can be true.

"He's a total family man. I just don't believe it."

Another resident said: "I am very surprised to hear this.

"I've always got on with him and thought he was ok."

A male relative of Ogunsola, of Chipstead Way, said the family were supporting him.

A further search of this website reveals nothing, however, so we don't know if Ogunsola was actually jailed, or how long for.

Seeing as there are frequent drives to recruit 'ethnic minority' candidates, including the foreign-born, as teachers, perhaps it would be nice if the government was capable of deciding who has the right to enter and settle in this country, before making our professions look more like the world.


ambika said...

I have read what people have commented on keith's character. I think they have not suffered what that girl has suffered. I have also worked with him in the past and he is certainly a disgraceful man who has no shame. I am vindicated by the fact that he has been sentenced by court of law. BRITISH JUSTICE.

Anonymous said...

I have also worked with this keith guy and find it difficult (impossible) to believe. I also know the asian girl 'victim' and believe she is capable of anything. Court papers say she sent him a valentines card which is not reported by press and other stuff. I wonder who ambika is...

amy said...

i have to say "anonymous" that you really have no idea what the hell you're talking about! Why is it then that 3 other girls from different schools have also gone to trial with my 'asian' best friend against him???? i also had a close student/teacher relationship with mr ogunsola but i am disgusted at that pervert for abusing his position and ruining the lives of the victims and his family!!!
I'm sure that when people read your comment they will be as horrified as i am for condoning his sickening crimes and you should be ashamed of yourself as a teacher whose responsibility is to protect the students.

Anonymous said...

Amy says she had a close relationship with him, did he abuse that relationship? 3 other girls from different schs went on trial and were found to have lied flatly.... remember, not guilty. Were you in the courtroom? I was. Ruining lives of victims and family? She found it all a laff and came inside the courtroom after video evidence. Family asked for £2,000 compensation which was rejected. ruined lives?

buy viagra said...

that teacher should be punished without mercy! I can not believe he abused his position as teacher to hurt those little girls! is a pig!