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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Pakistani Flag Flown over Rochdale Town Hall

As far as I am aware, such pandering is very common in the towns and cities of Northern England, which regularly display Bangladeshi and Pakistani symbols (you will note, despite the mention of Indians in the article, I have never heard of the Indian flag being demanded or flown in this country outside of a private gathering or residence).

From The Asian News:

THE Pakistani flag was raised over Rochdale Town Hall as the local community celebrated 62-years of Pakistan Independence.

Community leaders including Chair of Action for Pakistan, Ghulam Shahzad, Rochdale Mayor Keith Swift and vice chair of the Rochdale Rotary club, John Cannell were all present at the ceremony this morning.

Further celebrations are being held tonight at a ticket-only fund-raising dinner at Castlemere Community Centre to raise money for those affected by the fighting in Swat Valley, Pakistan.

Greater Manchester's Indian community will also be celebrating their Independence Day tomorrow.

Chief Executive of Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) Khan Moghal said: "The Indian and Pakistani communities will be celebrating their respective independence days this week.

"We send heart felt felicitations to all members of the Pakistani and Indian communities in Manchester on the celebrations which form a central part of their lives.

"MCCR recognises the significant part played by the Indian and Pakistani communities in building Manchester. These celebrations have now become a regular annual event and they enrich the social fabric of Manchester."

How does undisguised loyalty to a foreign and often hostile country enrich the social fabric of Manchester?


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Anonymous said...

well, the british politicians created pakistan to spite the indian politicians...
welcome to the new century; but the politicians never change.
btw, why is another website swallowing your blog everytime i loaded it?