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Friday, 14 August 2009

Muslims United in Scandinavia

On Thursday there was unrest in Copenhagen after Danish police removed 19 Iraqi illegal immigrants for deportation.

It seems that Swedish Muslims are very unhappy with this decision - for today they attacked the Danish embassy in Sweden with red and black paint:
Dansk ambassade sprøjtet til med maling

Der er blevet kastet maling mod den danske ambassade i Stockholm i protest mod rømningen af Brorsons Kirke.

Danish embassy in Sweden attacked
The Danish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, was sprayed with red paint in protest [apparently] against the raid on Borsons Church in Copenhagen. A team of Swedish police officers will guard the embassy over the weekend.

The Swedish police made the decision after an unknown number of offenders sprayed the embassy facade with red and black paint. The paint was sprayed during a protest against the arrests of 19 Iraqi Muslims Denmark had ordered for deportation last spring.
Such incidents should give us a taste of what any government decision, foreign or domestic, unpopular with Muslims will cause as their numbers grow in most Western countries.

Shame none of the moderate Muslims we incessantly hear about applauded the Danish government for upholding the law without fear or favour.

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