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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Muslim Illegal on Crime Spree in Michigan

The story of illegal immigrant criminal and murderer Ihab Maslamani comes from Debbie Schussel:

In the Detroit area and Southeastern Michigan, the biggest news story right now is that of criminal thug and murderer, Ihab Maslamani a/k/a Ihab Masalmani, complete with gang tattoo.

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Matthew Landry, Rest In Peace

Maslamani, a Lebanese Muslim alien (he has no social security number) who claims he is from Liberia and can’t speak English. But the part about his Lebanese and “Liberian” heritage (and his status as a Muslim) is not being covered much by local media. Nor are questions about how and why this Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim illegal alien remains here, wasn’t deported, and was tax-funded in the Michigan foster care system, which screwed up and lost contact with him.

The 17-year-old Maslamani (whose last name is being incorrectly reported in the press and reflected in the court system as “Masalmani”) was in and out of the Michigan foster care system, from which he disappeared in June. Since then, Maslamani (that’s how his Arabic surname is correctly spelled and was listed in Michigan Department of Human Service Records until MDHS chief and Muslim Ismael Ahmed had the record erased this morning) has been engaged in a series of violent and serious crimes, including bank robbery, carjacking, and, now, murder. A man, 21-year-old pizza delivery guy, Matthew Landry, who went missing has now turned up dead (he was shot in the head), and Maslamani’s face appeared in video involving the use of the man’s ATM card. Chilling video and photos of his crimes, including one in which he sticks his gun in a woman’s head, are disturbing. Watch this video, which I’m unable to download or post on this site. Also watch these:

The Michigan foster care system–in the care of which Maslamani was supposed to be–is under the control of Michigan Department of Human Services chief, Ismael Ahmed. As I’ve noted on this site repeatedly, Ahmed, a Muslim activist and open supporter of terrorist groups HAMAS and Hezbollah, defrauded the State of Michigan to the tune of billions of dollars when he headed the organization ACCESS–the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services–and helped pregnant Muslim alien women commit Medicaid fraud to have Michigan and federal taxpayers cover the births of their kids (who also got U.S. citizenship in the scam). That’s not to mention his first wife (a non-Arab, non-Muslim) who was going to divorce him, and who mysteriously ended up “falling down” an elevator shaft, when he took her on a trip to New York.
These are the kind of things which happen when a society simply lets in anyone. Such a situation is particularly exacerbated by giving official, responsible positions to people on the basis of their name, pigmentation or religion rather than their competence and commitment to professionalism and the laws of the land.

Will the West learn before it is too late?

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eh said...

All too typically, in the newscast they say he's "from Flint", even though a short time later we're told he says he needs an interpreter and that he's claimed ties to Liberia. At least the news people show they are not totally gullible -- they seem skeptical about the ridiculous Liberia story. One look at him and you know he's no more Liberian than this (not too bad looking, I must say) woman is "Norwegian", although during the ongoing athletics world championship in Berlin I've heard her called that several times.

The world has gone completely nuts.