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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Justice Turkish Style

The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday that a British student had been arrested and deported from Turkey for stripping naked and dancing around a statue of Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish state, whilst screaming abuse and insults.

Now, I think this individual is a complete idiot and got pretty much what he deserved. If you choose to travel abroad, you should certainly respect local laws and not expect your passport or your skin colour to protect you from trouble.

According to the article, many Turks think the boy was treated too leniently:
However, for some Turks, the punishment was not severe enough and a Facebook group titled ‘String up Strong’ has been set up, calling for him to be hanged.
A British man who was on holiday there at the time had the following to say:

British tourist John Connolley, who is on holiday in Marmaris, praised the actions of the Turkish authorities.

“To be honest I admire the Turks for their direct action. The boy had no reason to strip naked in public and insult a much loved national leader. He obviously was looking for a reaction and he got one – perhaps not what he expected though.

“Tourists should appreciate that if you come to Turkey you should behave respectfully – I think it’s a good thing – otherwise you get Brits behaving horribly like they have been on the Greek islands recently. In fact I think we should adopt the same attitude back home and deport badly behaved foreigners.”

Indeed. I believe the Turkish authorities have behaved properly here, as does Mr Connolley.

To play devil's advocate though, where was this man's interpreter and lawyer, not to mention his several free appeals against the deportation, totalling several years spent lived on benefits?

The Turks won't countenance such nonsense - but we do, every day, regarding much more serious crimes against our own people and culture.

To take one of these crimes which fits in with this story, let me take you back to 2004.

A failed asylum seeker from Iraq (who had been turned down seven times but was still free to walk the streets of Britain), was leaning against a cenotaph in Blackpool, eating chips.

This was on the day which marked the 90th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, so there were many fresh poppy wreaths on the war memorial.

This man of 32, Harkan Amin then decided to masturbate all over the memorial, the wipe his hands with the wreaths, before going back to eating his chips.

He was sentenced to pay a £2,000 fine, which he could not; so he was released after spending two weeks on remand.

No one explained why he was still walking around free after being turned down seven times; no one explained why he was even still in the country.

Despite telling the truth about his status, the BBC described him as "from Oldham".

For all we know, he is still living here now.

Now, would the 'Brits behave so badly abroad' crowd support throwing this man out without a trial, without legal aid, without assessing what he faced upon his return?

I would hope so, but I'm not convinced.

It seems that whilst applauding Turkey's protection of its interests and culture, our elites see us as nothing more than a dumping ground; here, the scum have all the rights, and the decent have to leave if they don't like it.

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