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Monday, 17 August 2009

Illegal Immigrant Raped 2 Women Within Days of Arrival

An illegal immigrant from Afghanistan has been jailed indefinitely after carrying out two brutal rapes just days after he entered Britain by hanging under a lorry.

He initially denied the attacks, one on a mother in her 40s and the other on a 16 year old girl, saying that Islam forbids such activities and forbids lying:

AN immigrant who raped a mother and a teenage girl within days of arriving in Britain as a stowaway has been jailed indefinitely by a judge who said he was a “danger to women”.

Jarwid Armani clung to the underside of a lorry to cross the Channel to reach England, where he quickly began committing horrific sex attacks. The Afghan, aged 32, climbed through the window of a home in Reading, Berks, to rape a mother as her terrified daughter begged him to stop.

Then he hitchhiked to Kenilworth in Warwickshire where he raped a 16-year-old girl so violently that she needed emergency surgery.

Hours later police found him hiding under a tree. Tests showed his DNA matched samples left during the first rape. At Warwick Crown Court on Friday Armani was given what amounted to “effectively a life sentence” after admitting the rapes. The court heard how he was told “London and Birmingham welcomed Afghans” and headed to France to try to enter the UK earlier this year.

On arrival on March 9, he met up with friends in London, where he became drunk and violent as he started looking for women.

Just two days later he raped the mother, a nurse in her 40s, as she lay in her bed. When police caught up with him, Armani denied the crimes and told officers: “Muslims didn’t do that and they didn’t lie.”

He later pleaded guilty but said he was too drunk to remember carrying them out. Lawyer Lawrence Watts said in mitigation that Armani had shown “great regret” and apologised to his victims.

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