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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dutch Police Chief Protects Moroccan Criminals & Threatens Ethnic Dutchmen

Dutch blogger Snouck Hurgronje, who writes at Islam in Europe - Commentary by Snouck, has translated an interview with Amsterdam-Oost police chief Ad Smit, which touches on the increasing tensions between Moroccan criminals and ordinary Dutch citizens in certain parts of the city:
In neighbourhood meetings people mention "Moroccan-C**ts". It is called out in the streets, at Moroccans. Also during disturbances. That bystanders call: if you do not act, we will act, but differently, with baseball bats. I have heard it with my own ears. We (the police) do not accept that, this is taking the law in one's own hands. So far we have managed to contain it, end it. At the beginning of this year I reported to the Chiefs of the Amsterdam Police that the reaction of ethnic Dutchmen against Moroccans is fierce, something must be done. We have strongly intervened. We arrested dozens of muggers. We - especially the community policemen - are paying special attention to make sure whether the ethnic Dutch are getting out of hand. When the cause is taken away, the anger ebbs away as well.
Interviewer: So people limit themselves to nagging and calling names?
They still do [emphasis mine]. One has got to have a serious demeanor. One has to exude that one will not choose the side of Dutch ethnics if such words used. And that force will be used if things goes too far.

If the moment comes that fists are clenched, the moment that people will organise against certain population groups, then things are getting out of hand and I will use force. If I as a Police Chief would know that a group [of ethnics] is organizing to get at another group [of ethnics] I will have the whole lot arrested.

As long as I have the power I will resist with all my strength. It is an incredibly dangerous matter. I think it is easy is one is not doing well - and today many marginalized people are being marginalized even more - to have a go at the Other. Midway through the last century, we've had a very bad example of that.
It's simply astounding, isn't it?

As far as the police are concerned, ordinary Dutch citizens getting so angry and frustrated by their daily experiences that they turn against multiculturalism and mass immigration are far more important than the endemic criminality perpetuated by Moroccans in some areas.

Are the police paid to uphold the law without fear or favour in Amsterdam, or arrest a few muggers at an opportune moment to steal some votes from the PVV or prevent a riot - not necessarily because they believe that muggers should be arrested for their illegal actions, and should stop those actions, but for purely cynical political reasons.

The Dutch are a tolerant bunch, generally, and it has taken them 30 years to reach this point - but finally it seems many are determined to be more than passive victims in their own land. But Smit seems to draw a false moral equivalency between outright criminal thugs and people who have simply reached the end of their tether after being preyed upon and displaced whilst those in power ignore or mock their legitimate concerns.

Smit does acknowledge some of the problems:
Asked about Amsterdam-Oost Smit said that it's a fairly multicultural society, made up mostly of Moroccans. He says that there are less problems with the Moroccan youth there than in Amsterdam-West, which he says has to do with the fact that there are less apartments there. They sent an exceptionally active Moroccan inspector to the neighborhood with the most problems. He knows the language and culture and everybody respects him.

Despite that, he says that still there is a 'Moroccan problem' in Amsterdam-Oost, particularly with the Italian method - using a scooter to rob people. Smit says it happens once or twice a week. It's done mostly by young Moroccans, it's so simple.
Something else jumps out at me here; it takes a Moroccan inspector to be respected among Moroccan citizens, if Smit is to be believed.

Do these Moroccans not reside in The Netherlands by choice? Should they not respect Dutch law and those who enforce it in all their forms?

A large part of the problem here is this pandering, which smooths over temporarily the fact that certain groups are all but unassimilable in a modern Western society.

More than that, did it never occur to the Dutch authorities that they could placate their countrymen by listening to them?

By halting mass immigration, forcing those who choose to stay to renounce criminality and parasitical behaviours, actually arrest criminals and punish them properly?

Increasingly, it seems that Western elites and their authorities see the indigenous people as the enemy.

If they complain or mobilise, they must be crushed; if the immigrants mobilise, we must welcome it, and if they complain, we must listen and immediately give in whilst screaming obscenities at those who resist.

As Snouck points out, the Dutch police and government have all but renounced their reason for existing - they refuse to protect society (crime clear up rates once reached an unbelievably low 15%), preferring instead to protect those who will destroy it.

Will the natives follow the script and look on cowed, subdued and humiliated?

Clearly the Dutch government are worried the answer to that question is a resounding nee - and they are determined to change it at all costs. I wonder when it will become a racist hate crime to point out the disproportionate criminality of some groups, or even report certain crimes?

If it ever does, I can guarantee this - the dissenters will be punished in a way which real criminals in The Netherlands couldn't even comprehend.

With thanks to Islam in Europe - Commentary by Snouck.


Anonymous said...

Action then Reaction.

It will come.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse Action then reaction will come, rather it is happening. Add to it.. what you sow so yor reap. and dear Xian crusaders ..frm bible... Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back in its place! Everyone who uses a sword will be killed by a sword" Look back world war 2 was won by US and allies because Hitler was the worse devil NOw it comes again. The whole world will be against you. the days of white supremacy megalomania is almost over.. even pakis n koreans has got nukes with them .and they are going to attack you not as a nation but on the basis of religion. and remember those Cold war days when the Hollywood were making glamourising Afghan Talibans warriors to fight against the RUSSIAN DEVIL..now you got another one to deal with one of your own creation. IN india we say if u feed a snake it will bite on your palm.. we are just waiting to see how fatal it is going to be.And as a matter of fact, there are as many or even more white criminals than black or asians in UK n USA.. are all the rapists pakis?are all the drugg addicts asians and muslims? i have been to the UK and i faced a lot of descrimination from white racists..so that if i stay there anymore i will become a reactive engine like what muslims are now..racism is anywhere else in this world...sow more hatred and wait untill harvest time ..i think we're almost there...btw where is your brain mate?

Your attitude sucks as much as the Talibanis.. You people are made for each other.. keep on fighting...
This is obviously a racist blog, a kid can see that.Best of luck with your adventures.. don quixotes
I don't expect anything else from the stupid megalomaniacs followers of Alexander the gr8(???) who dreamed about a world under their sword.. earth is a caravenssery idiots go and find your souls Hatred machines IDIOTS IDIOTS IDIOTS ...http://bible.cc/genesis/3-19.htm

Anonymous said...

i carelessly typed the comments without giving a damn care about this shit thing you are trying to create ...and keep trying to figure out spelling mistakes ...or just think this is made by another drug addict,junk food n fish n chips fan,and though doesn't know even to hold a pen or pencil properly but an expert in the 'street-life' who pooh-pooh at anyone and everyone on the street.. i mean The white teeny invaluable person (i won't call him a TRASH..b'cos that is goin to heart ya feelings).
Each country has its own problems merit and defecets.. but if you start to think that your nation is superior to all others ( as all the laymen in a country want it to be) its going to create an attitude problem resulting in an unpleasant situation).I am sure you are going to loose more than what you think you can gain with this kind of attitude.. blaming only one section of society for anything and everything.And trying to take credit of everything positive.
Terrorism, immigration, ineffective justice system,and drug, alchohol, obesity, teenage mums, broken family system, in effective NHS, and the list goes on..
And stop cutting the leaves of this tree...and digout and distroy the root of this tree called terrorism (you can see UK n US were long time gardeners and now it started giving its fruits...enjoy a li'l.)if you have common sense and straight forward attitude than white racist dreams...which shows nothing but a weak mind and another posionous root which can result in equally sweet fruits...
And the choice is yours that any asians of blacks. because you are an overwhelming majority its not the asians or black who is controlling you or not leading you in the proper way ...fanatic attitudes will help only to receive the same...
i have little hope as i know you people.. no one changes .. the whole world is a big mental asylum .. and keep on fighting for the BOSS's postion... IDIOTS ;)

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I take it from your attitude that you are either a Muslim living in India or one of those very extreme Hindu nationalists.

I'm guessing you are the former, though, because you seem to look forward to the end of the Christian, 'white' world with all the vitriol and hate that you project on to others.

Firstly, is it really 'white supremacy megalomania' if a Western country wishes to control its own borders?

I take it you are fine with India's immigration controls - or perhaps you would actually like the country to be flooded with Bangldeshi Muslims, that may well serve your purposes.

You go on to compare Western countries to Hitler; I find that very interesting (as well as insulting). There was a worse devil than Hitler in that conflict; he was called Stalin, and many of the ideas which formed his movement drive our government here today. Consequently so many Third Worlders, including millions of Indians, either do live here or want to, whatever the cost.

If we are so 'racist', as you suggest, why is this so?

As an aside, would that be the same 'racist' as can be found in a description of the Indian caste system, or say Arab treatment of black Africans in Mauritania or Sudan, or a different kind?

To absolve people of all moral responsibility simply because their skin is not white is also a form of racism, 'mate'. The idea that the black man and the brown man are innocent and untainted in their evil because they do not have the moral corruption of civilisation belongs in the mind of Margaret Mead and there alone.

I have no sympathy for your experiences here - it is clear that you hate white people and the world they have built and wish to see it destroyed - whilst grabbing your share of the loot, naturally.

You seem to have no concept of natural action and reaction; for example, you mention the Crusades, without bothering to know that the Crusades were launched to recover lands taken from Christians by Muslims.

Were the Muslims not evil racist imperialists too? If not, why not?

Now, we move on to crime, where you set up a large straw man argument; that is to say, because I point out immigrant crime, I am saying that no white/British people ever commit crime.

That is nonsense, and you know it.

Of course this country has a lot of white criminals - it has a lot of white people, for now.

The problem is that certain groups, invited here and tolerated if not raised up, prey on us and our society at an alarming rate.

For example, the "blacks and pakis" you mention have a prison population in Britain approaching 20% each.

That is despite the fact that both groups have a presence in the actual population of under 2% (less when you consider the imprisoned are by and large young men).

Racism is the cause, you say?

Then why are Sikhs and Hinuds under represented in the British prison system?

The racist system just wants to keep the brown man down, after all, right?

Your last post is full of racist ramblings about white people, followed with points suggesting that a Briton opposed to mass Third World immigration is the same as the Taliban, or a fanatic who breeds the hate of our new citizens.

Wrong on both counts, ridiculous moral equivalency.

I believe that all sovereign nations have the right to control their borders in whatever way they see fit; we agree that a large part of Britain's problem today is its elites, largely white.

However, the root of terrorism is related to immigration, I'm afraid - there are no indigenous Muslims in Britain, save a few foolish converts.

I am not an extremist; I just want my country back. I have often acknowledged that some groups of Third World immigrants have contributed more than they have taken (Indians, Chinese, Gurkhas).

However, you suggest that if I speak out against the wave of violence committed against British people by immigrants, largely Muslim, African or Caribbean and many illegal, then I deserve their violence and hatred.

All of this violence is ignored by the media; that is why it is found here.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

This is a cyclical argument, so I will finish here; if a child could see through my blog, then I suggest many Indian children should start looking into Gandhi and his views on Africans - they would see through that evil racist (whose portrait hung above the blackboard in a classroom at my school) in five minutes.

You see, that is all I really ask - that such disgusting double standards be done away with.