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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Crackdown on Free Speech in Britain

From the BBC:

A man from Lancashire has been charged over the distribution of hundreds of leaflets that blamed Muslims for the heroin trade.

Anthony Bamber, 53, Greenbank Street, Preston, is accused of incitement to commit religious hatred.

The pamphlets were sent to households in areas of North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria in November.

Mr Bamber will appear before Preston Magistrates' Court on Wednesday. Three other men were released without charge.

Now, without putting too fine a point on this, we know that at least 93% of the world's opium is produced in Afghanistan.

We know that Osama bin Laden has called for the streets of the West to be flooded with cheap heroin as a new front to his Jihad against us.

We also know that in some parts of the country, drug dealers are overwhelmingly Muslims, normally Pakistani but also Turks and Albanians.

This case reminds me of the persecution of the British blogger Lionheart, who was facing prosecution at one point for his crusade against the Pakistani drug gangs who blighted his area.

Perhaps if the police and authorities focused more of their attention on actual criminals, ordinary members of the public would not need to start campaigns like this one.


Nick said...

The government has now stated openly that white people will be targeted in order to fight Islamic terrorism in the UK.

See link.

WAKE UP said...
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WAKE UP said...

"...incitement to commit religious hatred".

What a wonderful phrase - as if religion needs any help in hating.