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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bedouin DJ Regrets Playing The Pet Shop Boys

The following story was translated by R. Dunn, a correspondent and regular reader.

From TF1:
Improvising nearly cost him his life. A DJ who was invited to a Bedouin wedding in Aroer, in the south of Israel was brutally beaten by wedding guests for playing a Pet Shop Boys hit instead of traditional Arab music. Thinking that the party lacked atmosphere, the DJ shocked the hundreds of wedding guests by playing a song by the English pop group.

Women apparently started dancing "in an exuberant fashion" to the sound of the Pet Shop Boys, which infuriated some of the young male guests who then attacked the DJ, who was also taking photos of the dancers. Two suspected assailants were arrested but then released and banned from approaching the DJ's house, who himself belongs to the local Bedouin community.

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