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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Convicted Asian Paedophile Praised by Labour & Lib Dem MPs

The Yorkshire Post reports the imprisonment of businessman Gulam Bobat for 12 months, convicted of plying girls aged as young as 13 with alcohol, cannabis and cash so he could kiss them on the head and grope them through their clothes in his car.

This went on for three years in Leeds, with Bobat targetting countless local schoolgirls; indeed the size of the "incentives" he was offering reached the point where a couple of the more mercenary girls even began to target him, flagging down his car when it was spotted in the street.

Despite this, two local MPs, Greg Mulholland and Mike Wood, sent character references to the judge on Bobat's behalf, describing him as "honest and industrious".

When your young daughter is safely at private school or somewhere nice and he's not targetting her, perhaps that's how he comes across - particularly if you've already sold all of your principles.

Seeing as Bobat could afford to pay one of his young victims thousands of pounds to endure his attentions, would it be impertinent of me to ask some questions about campaign funding or donations to the local Labour Party?

Here is the full story:
A LONELY businessman plied schoolgirls with money, alcohol, cannabis, and cigarettes so he could kiss and touch them, a court heard.

Gulam Bobat handed over thousands of pounds to one girl to encourage her to get into his car with him and word spread among her adolescent friends and others what he was offering.

Over a three-year period, he picked girls aged 13 to 15 because he misguidedly enjoyed their company not because he was a serious sexual predator, Ken Green representing him told Leeds Crown Court yesterday.

Bobat, 64 of Princess Street, Batley, was jailed for 12 months after he admitted six charges of sexual assault and one of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years and barred from working with children.

Sentencing him, the Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC told Bobat: "You took advantage of their vulnerability and lack of maturity."

Word spread among them if they went for a ride in his car he would give them money, cigarettes, alcohol and even cannabis in exchange for being kissed on the head or touched over their clothes.

But the judge had read a number of references including from local MPs Greg Mulholland and Mike Wood who spoke well of him as an honest and industrious man.

"From one point of view it is a very sad case. The sexual gratification you obtained from this must have been very small, on the other hand the harm you have done to these girls is very difficult to tell at this stage and the harm is perhaps more in what you offered them, in that respect your culpability is very great."

Nicholas Askins, prosecuting, said the first complainant was befriended by Bobat in 2005 and met with him a dozen times during which she said he gave her thousands of pounds as well as cigarettes and cannabis. He had kissed her on the top of her head.

By 2007 his reputation had spread and girls would flag his car down knowing what was on offer.

One girl aged 13 said she felt dirty after he kissed her on the forehead after giving her and three of her friends a lift in his van.

When arrested in 2008 he had £835 cash on him and seven mobile phone Sim cards.

Mr Green said for a long time Bobat, a grandfather, had been in denial about his behaviour and had not even felt able to tell his wife.

Mr Green said it was more a case of a lonely man without friends in a non-affectionate marriage.

"He had the opportunity over this period of time to satisfy his wants if he was a serious sexual predator but the offences did not escalate."
I might be being too sensitive here, but I have some concerns about the way the story is written.

Is it just me, or is Bobat almost portrayed sympathetically, as some kind of victim? I get the distinct impression I am supposed to feel sorry for him on some level.

White men who behave in this way are generally dismissed by the media as loners, creeps, weirdos; a fair assertion, perhaps, but miles away from how this incident is reported (although we only have this local paper to go on; astonishingly, the BBC and the nationals don't seem to feel any useful lessons can be learned from this case).

Needless to say, I don't feel sorry for him; he abused the hospitality of this country, which allowed him to build a life and become successful, by preying on and abusing British children.

Of course, it would be too much to expect the article to highlight that. What it does seem to highlight is just how the collapse of moral standards and the promotion of coarse, shameless behaviour as "cool" or no big deal has affected many young people in Britain, with girls especially vulnerable to the consequences.

That, however, is no excuse for what he did. There seem to be many cases like this, where foreign (and particularly Muslim) men see British women and children as a resource, something to be used up and tossed aside when it is no longer useful; of course, Islamic culture sees all women and infidels in that way, not that the media will ever dare join the dots.

The child abuse Bobat was responsible for was in no way benign, as his defence and even the judge try to make out; the tragic case of Charlene Downes several years ago highlights just what can happen when young white girls who are naive and lack self-respect meet predatory "Asian" men.

The BBC described 14 year old Charlene as the "lover" of the imported monster who sexually abused her and very probably killed her and chopped her up for kebab meat, once again downplaying the true seriousness of the situation.

When will British people say enough is enough and stand up for themselves?


Kit said...

A friend of mines brother is a police officer who was involved in the Charlene Downs case. He confirmed that it was believed she had been chopped into kebab meat and actually sold in the kebabs.

There are multiple instances which confirm that many Asian men see white girls as legitimate targets. Unfortunately, to point this out is 'racist' and as such a thoughtcrime.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Hello Kit,

Thanks for that information.

It was always alluded to in the newspaper reports and court transcripts that she ended up as kebab meat, but unfortunately it seems the court couldn't conclusively prove he murdered her and he walked away - partly, I'm sure, because a body was never found.

As for your other point - well, this blog welcomes thoughtcrime!

Anecdotal evidence suggests you are correct, however - my archives are full of very distressing cases, over 90% of which never make the mainstream press.

Thanks for stopping by.