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Sunday, 14 November 2010

RAF Man Refused Taxi by Aggressive "Asian" Driver

Ironically this story was published in the Yorkshire Post on Remembrance Day, but I suppose seeing as there are now vast numbers of people in Yorkshire and elsewhere who either don't know what that is or are actively hostile to it, that's not overly important.

Here's the full story:
AN inquiry is underway after an RAF serviceman was refused a cab by an Asian taxi driver in Sheffield who objected to his uniform.

The 24-year-old serviceman who had been at a family wedding ceremony in his RAF "blues" was turned away from the black cab by the driver who apparently became aggressive.

Sheffield City Council, the RAF and the local taxi association are now investigating amid calls for the driver to be sacked.

The incident happened last Saturday after Kevin Burke's daughter got married at Sheffield Register Office.

Mr Burke, 46, a part-time lecturer from Sheffield, did not want to reveal his son's name who is from the city but is based in Scotland, for security reasons.

But he said he wants the authorities to take action.

He said: "My wife and my son went to get a taxi near the town hall after the ceremony to go on to the reception.

"When the cab pulled up they were about to get in when the driver said he wasn't letting my son in because he was in uniform.

"My wife asked him for a reason and the driver became quite aggressive in turning them down. He made it quite clear it was because my son was in the forces.

"Being a professional my son just turned his back and walked away and they hailed a private taxi to get to the reception.

"It is totally disgusting. The driver did not give an opinion but made it apparent he did not like servicemen.

"If you are providing a public service you should not refuse people like my son. He is fighting for his country after all."

Even the local taxi drivers are incensed at what happened.

A spokesman for the local black cab drivers said: "It is not needed. These servicemen and women protect our way of life. They put their lives at risk for this nation. To be treated like that is unbelievable."

Sheffield City Council said: "On the face of it is disappointing and disheartening."
What I find "disappointing and disheartening" is the typical disconnect between the reaction to this story and actual reality.

The government has encouraged vast numbers of people who can't assimilate to settle in this country, many of whom will actually actively despise it for good measure.

Local authoritues such as Sheffield City Council have exacerbated the situation with official policies about "multiculturalism" and "celebrating diversity" which further encourages such immigrants to not even bother trying to fit in.

Couple this with a knee-jerk hatred of their own history and culture instilled in many British people, plus fairly severe sanctions against anyone who dares to speak out in favour of common sense, and this is the result.

Why is anyone surprised?

More importantly, why are British soldiers fighting and dying in Afghanistan when they face this from Muslims in their own country?

Shouldn't the enemy within, the enemy we're enabling in every way we can, be our primary concern?

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Kit said...

I'm reading a history of 1940 and the Battle of Britain. One thing that keeps being reemphasised is the way the British people pulled together, their unity.

They were homogenous, with a shared culture, history and identity.

I am certain that in similiar circumstances today we would not see such unity, but rather the fractious splitting of the population, certainly there are many groups of people in this country with no natural loyalties to it.

We appear to be in the mid stages of national suicide.