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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Muslim "Refugee" Sexually Assaults Australian Girl on Train

A self-confessed paedophile from Afghanistan who was granted an Australian visa on "humanitarian grounds" has been referred to a higher court for sentencing in Adelaide after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a young girl.

The assault, which 34 year old Sayed Mohammed Sidaqat carried out on a defenceless 16 year old, took place in July:

Prosecutors told the court that, on July 17, Sidaqat boarded an Outer Harbour line train at Ethelton and sat down next to a girl, 16.

He "squashed her" up against the side of the train before caressing her hand and placing it on his erect penis.

Prosecutors said the girl felt "extremely scared and powerless" as Sidaqat kissed her neck, fondled her breasts and tried to touch her pubic region.

Much of the Australian media has seized upon the fact that Sidaqat is a refugee who was apparently tortured by the Taliban, as if this someone excuses or explains his actions. In fact, the by-lines in both The Australian and Adelaide Now begin with "A refugee once tortured by the Taliban..."

He committed his crime just one month after he was granted his visa and released from detention on Christmas Island.

Now, whilst his time in Taliban custody is being trumpeted from headlines, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of information about him being a "self-confessed paedophile" - oddly enough. After all, it wouldn't do to give the wider Australian public too much information about the kind of scum the government forces them to fund generously.

An Adelaide magistrate has now referred the case to a higher court, as he feels the offence warrants more than the two years behind bars which is the maximum his court could impose.

Unfortunately, Sidaqat was released on bail until he appears in the South Australian District Court on 6th December, but at least the Australian authorities have the right idea in some ways - Muslim men have been walked free from court after committing similar, or even worse, offences in Britain.

The potential severity of the sentence does not ease the girl's suffering, however:
The 16-year-old told police she was scared and powerless and had tried to get the attention of other passengers on the train, but no one responded.
It's a shame that, due to the Australian government's immigration policies and the fact tha no one can join the dots and learn a lesson from these incidents, countless other young Australian girls will have to go through a similar or worse ordeal in the future.

Just how many "self-confessed paedophiles" and potential rapists are waiting on Christmas Island for their humanitarian visas to be processed? How many will be acting in the name of the perfect man?

Hat tip: A Western Heart.

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