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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Worst Moment of George W. Bush's Presidency

What was the worst moment of George W. Bush's presidency?

There's a question that can easily inflame people on both sides of the political fence, and those who sit quite squarely on that fence.

But what would you guess?

The 9/11 attacks which killed over 3,000 innocent people?

Launching a largely pointless war in Iraq, leading to the deaths of thousands of American and hundreds of British troops, plus resulting in an insurgency which left an unknown number of civilians dead and strengthened Iranian influence in Iraq and the entire region?

Not finding and bringing to justice Osama bin Laden, ostensibly the reason for which a (now) largely pointless war is being fought in Afghanistan, in which thousands of American and hundreds of British troops, not to mention scores of Dutch, French and German troops, have died?

Not seizing the moment adequately and allowing the most poisonous aspects of the Left to set the debate and agenda on events as diverse as Guantanamo Bay and Hurricane Katrina?

You'd think any of those were in with a good chance - but you'd be wrong.

It was when rapper and professional thug Kanye West said on national TV that he didn't think Bush cared about black people!

Of course. That's much worse than anything I mentioned above.

Can this please be the final nail in the coffin of the notion that Bush is in any way conservative?

Hat tip: View from the Right.

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