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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Israeli Student Attacked at Italian University

An Israeli architecture student was eating his lunch at the university he attends in Genoa, Italy, last week when a student from Gaza came up, punched him, and began shouting abuse.

The following events played out:
Assaf, a 26-year-old Israeli architecture student, was eating at the cafeteria when Ibrahim Haji, a student from Gaza, came and began taunting him. "He came towards me, punched me and said 'why are you looking at me?' I told him I wasn't looking at him, and asked him to let me eat in peace," Assaf said. "A minute later he was back, swinging a fork, and called me in front of everyone to come outside while cursing Israel and declaring his intention to kill.

I understood that I have to avoid this dangerous situation. I told my Italian friends, who were eating with me, that I'm going back to my room so as not to respond to this provocation. On my way out I turned to the cashier and told her, 'Call the police. You heard the man threatening to kill,' and she responded, 'It's not my job to separate Jews and Arabs.'

Quite. It wasn't a member of a favoured victim group being attacked, therefore it's simply not important. Welcome to the European Union...

It gets worse, however:

Assaf's attempt to distance himself from the fight failed. Ibrahim waited for him outside and went for the attack. As Assaf tried to defend himself, Italian passersby stepped in to intervene and held him back. Ibrahim took the opportunity to draw a large kitchen knife. The Italian students tried to stop him.

"I saw death in front of my eyes. I broke free and ran into the storage in the kitchen and locked myself in. After a few minutes more Muslim students arrived and began shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (God is great) and 'Itbach el Yahud' (slaughter the Jews). Later I understood that there are over 40 angry students there.

The Italians disappeared; they were scared to deal with them. I managed to get myself into the trash facility. I climbed a three-meter wall and jumped. I told myself it's better to break a leg than to get killed."

Assaf said that he went to the police but was ignored, until he turned to the community rabbi and additional Jewish families for assistance. "We filed an official complaint with the police, and they even informed the local investigation agency," said Chaim Amar, a 28-year-old medical student who serves as a security officer at the local synagogue. "Unfortunately, nothing came of it so far."

According to Amar, the police are familiar with Haji from previous violent incidents. It wasn't his first time threatening the life of an Israeli student, and he reportedly harasses female Israeli students regularly. "It's a matter of time before his next violent outburst," Amar said.

It doesn't even stop there; Assaf found himsef in the position of being blamed and resented by some fellow students and even university staff; the housekeeper at his dorm chastised him for contacting the police as it could ruin the Arab student's life.

What is he supposed to do upon being threatened with a knife, having his country cursed and being surrounded by a threatening crowd singing about how they wish to slaughter his people? Feel particularly vibrant, enriched and lucky to be able to celebrate such exciting diversity up close?

What are these violent Arab "students" even doing in Italy (apart from absorbing large sums of taxpayers' cash, no doubt)? It's quite clear these individuals are thugs, if not from this incident then from reports of their previous conduct and the fact all the Italian students (bar one) are too afraid to back Assaf.

All European countries need to stop importing violent, unassimilable immigrants now - for all our sakes.

Obviously if this incident had seen the Jewish and Arab elements reversed, it would be all over the BBC - but then it would never have played out like that, and we need to wake up to reality and start being honest with ourselves; some cultures, some immigrants just don't work.

But, clearly it couldn't be reported as it happened, because it might wake some more people up to the sheer, irrational, latent hostility which Israel and Israelis face everyday from those poor oppressed mites who build rockets with our "aid" whilst laughing at us, just for having the audacity to exist.

To paraphrase an old saying, you just can't be nice to some people - particularly those who see you as subhuman because you're an infidel and want you dead.

Europe needs to recognise who it's real friends - and enemies - are.

Hat tip: Islam in Europe.

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in the vanguard said...

That poor Israeli kid, in particular, and the Jews, in general, is the "canary in the coal mine" that the Italians don't comprehend. With a little more Islamization they'll end up in the heap of history, same place England, France and other "enlightened" European countries are speedily headed to.