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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Diversity & Islamic Cultural Enrichment in Scotland

In July 2009 I reported on the desire of Jim Murphy, the then-Scottish Secretary, for Scotland to become what he called a "melting pot".

Such was his desire for the vibrant, colourful customs and behaviour which can be found in any cursory search here at The Lambeth Walk that he even offered potential violent, primitive Third World chancers immigrants who chose to settle in Scotland a fast-track to British citizenship - so they could legally enrich us all.

I know what you're all thinking - what a caring, absolutely wonderful man that Jim Murphy must be - and how in touch with reality he is! May Allah take pity on his infidel soul.

Well, I have to admit that Jim's vision is starting to achieve results. Back in March, I reported that there were plans to open an Islamic cultural centre near to the site where Kriss Donald, a Scottish teenager, was brutally and callously murdered by a gang of Pakistani men simply for being white.

As if that wasn't enough of an insult to the Scottish people, two months before in January the killers of Kriss demanded compensation from the Scottish Prison Service - because it locked them in solitary confinement for their own protection:

THE jailed thugs who killed Kriss Donald are claiming damages for being locked in solitary confinement, we can reveal today.

Murderers Imran 'Baldy' Shahid, Zeeshan 'Crazy' Shahid and Mohammed 'Becks' Mushtaq were only put in solitary to protect them from other cons revolted by their racist crime.

But the whining murderers claim that being cooped up on their own has caused them mental damage.

And they are demanding thousands of pounds each from the public purse in compensation for the so-called breach of their human rights.

Becks's claim, the first of the three, is due to come to court on Friday.

All three killers have demanded Legal Aid to fight their cases and officials have yet to decide on their applications. ....

Baldy was jailed for a minimum of 25 years, Crazy for 23 years and Becks for 22. Baldy, 33, is in Shotts jail and has been in solitary since starting his sentence.

He claims being held alone has had a "detrimental effect on his physical and mental health".

His damages case will be heard on February 3. It's the latest in a long series of complaints by the thug about his conviction and sentence.

He claims he should be freed because there were no Asians on the jury that condemned him and his appeal is due to be heard this year.

Baldy has moaned before about being in solitary and has accused prison chiefs of leaving him in "spiritual isolation".
No Asians on the jury? Well, that's a clear miscarriage of justice then. Of course I'm joking, but in modern Britain there is no need for satire - back in 2008, "Baldy" tried to get his conviction quashed on that very basis - at our expense.

The presiding judge showed a sense of humour though:

At the Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday, lawyers argued that the killer had not been judged by a jury of his peers.

But Lord Nimmo Smith, who heard the application along with Lord Wheatley and Lord Abernethy, ruled: "His peers are fellow citizens of the United Kingdom."

As for spiritual isolation, I find it very hard to believe that any one who participated in what these animals did to Kriss could actually have a soul.

Anyway, Baldy continues to waste taxpayers money and spit in the face of Kriss's family whatever chance he gets - at his hearing over the solitary confinement case, he fired his lawyers at the last minute, meaning the hearing could not take place.

Ah well, I'm sure we'll buy him some better ones.

Anyone reading this can surely only be struck by the degree to which Scotland has improved with the presence of these fine, upstanding gentlemen.

But Jim Murphy's beautiful vision is not dead - things north of the border just keep getting better and better!

In August, a Pakistani thug was arrested for beating up his Scottish girlfriend in Aberdeen.

Naturally, mere infidels interfering in his business annoyed him, and he went on a bit of a tirade against the police, calling them "ginger, haggis-munching Scottish bastards" and telling them he would gladly blow them and any passersby up if he had the chance:

Pakistani Mohammed Amir launched the foul tirade - and threatened to blow 20 people up - as he was nicked for battering his girlfriend.

The 29-year-old lout told police officers he'd "gladly" wipe them out with passers-by during the arrest in an Aberdeen city centre street.

Yesterday, the city's sheriff court heard how Amir said: "I'm going to kill 20 of you and blow you to bits. F*** you, you haggis-munching ginger b******s. I'm going to bomb you white f*****s."

Remorseless Amir - who made rude gestures as he was led away to start an 18-month jail term - was convicted of a string of crimes.

He admitted punching Cindy Gordon in the street in February and racially abusing cops.

The yob pleaded guilty to threatening to stab a cabbie who had tried to stop him attacking Ms Gordon again just a month later. He also admitted theft and breaking bail conditions. Amir (below) was described as having problems with heroin use and anger-management.

Indeed. A shining example of Jim Murphy's vision, I would have thought. The Scottish government seem happy:

Last night Labour justice spokesman Richard Baker MSP said the public would be "relieved" the brute was behind bars.

He said: "This man deserved a custodial sentence and it's important that all racist offences are treated in that way by the courts."

A Scottish Government spokesman added: "There is no place for racism in Scotland. It is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

I'm going to go out on a limb here; I bet that there are many Scottish people reading this who are wondering who has the bigger problem.

Is it Amir with his "anger management" issues, or the Scottish government with their baffling desire to fill what is actually quite a nice country in many ways with scum like this? I don't care if there's "no place for racism" in Scotland, whatever that even means; I wonder why there's a place for Muslim criminals who clearly despise the society they're preying on/leeching off/enriching, depending on your viewpoint.

The problem isn't racism as such; it's that treating the dregs of the Third World like kings feeds their entitlement and superioriy complexes - and if they happen to be Muslims, particularly younger Muslim males, those will probably be big enough as it is, despite little in the way of actual evidence for the truth of them.

The vibrant diversity seems destined to continue, however:

Muazim Ali Shah is accused of killing 47-year-old Lynne Farquhar at her flat in Rockmount Avenue, in the Barrhead area, on 26 September.

It is alleged that the 32-year-old repeatedly kicked and stamped on Ms Farquhar's head and body.

I wonder how many Scottish people the likes of Jim Murphy and Richard Baker will have on their consciences in the end?

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Unfortunately Scotland is the home of various pro-palestinian, totally anti-semitic groups.

So as far as I am concerned, they asked for it, now they have got it!

For a small country, they have a lot of anti-democratic groups seeking to de-legitimise Israel and promote "palestinians"

You may ask what that has to do with these muslim attacks. Simple!

As there are only just over 5 million people in Scotland, it wont take long for muslims to be in the majority!

I am not saying the people who suffered had it coming, I am saying wake-up Scotland to the real threat!

http://www.scottishpsc.org.uk/Press-Releases/2010-sep-14-human-rights-group-urges-local-authority-to-boycott-palestine-occupation-firm.html Lies about the "occupation" of Israel by Jews,
Friends of Al Aqsa
Dutch BDS Coalition
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods
Northern Palestine Solidarity Network
Norwegian Committee on Palestine (Bergen)
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Sheffield PSC
United 4 Palestine
War on Want
endorsed by Palestinian Campaign for th

e Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)