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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Death of PC Jon Henry "Could Have Been Prevented"

Back in March 2009 I reported on the events surrounding the death of PC Jon Henry, stabbed to death in 2007 by Ikechukwu Tennyson Obih, a Nigerian "asylum seeker" with indefinate leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

PC Henry was attempting to protect members of the public and fellow officers when he died; Obih (below), a paranoid schizophrenic, went on the rampage in Luton town centre after having a dream in which he could kill a man just by touching him.

Obih's condition was apparently exacerbated by alcohol abuse and cannabis use; he was so terrified of the country he had fled and sought asylum from that in 2006 he returned to Nigeria to visit his father.

This medical expert advised him to stop taking the medication so generously provided by the British taxpayer and use olive oil to control his symptoms instead.

The deterioration of his condition which followed led directly to the events which saw PC Henry murdered.

You'll be delighted to learn, however (and I'm sure the widow and young daughter PC Henry left behind will, too) that this situation could have been prevented.

How? Well, the BBC tells us:

The death of a police officer killed by a man with paranoid schizophrenia could have been prevented if he had been treated suitably, a report found.

NHS East of England commissioned the investigation into the care of Ikechukwu Tennyson Obih, who stabbed Bedfordshire Pc Jon Henry in 2007.

The report said the closure of an early intervention service that Obih had used was the starting point of the case.

Ah, that'll be it then.

I have an alternative range of scenarios, which of course will never even be alluded to on the BBC:

How about parasites like Obih are never allowed into this country in the first place?

How about their "asylum" applications are actually glanced at, and if they pop home to the country they're allegedly fleeing from, they're immediately arrested, charged with making a fraudulent application, deported and banned from ever entering the United Kingdom again?

How about when those who come here choose to live off of us, expecting us to pay for their alcohol and cannabis habits as well as treat their schizophrenia, they are immediately deported and banned from the United Kingdom?

How about we're allowed to (gasp) discriminate, and recognise that immigrants from certain groups tend to fit in, and others don't - after all, who's doing who the favour here?

I think you get the idea with that; it's just a shame that no one in the media or our government can let the actual, legitimate interests of the British people, people like PC Henry and his family and the others who were hurt by Obih, penetrate their ideological blinkers even just for a second.


Kit said...

Just for a brief moment i believed that the BBC had suffered from a brief moment of sanity and honesty.

Then i read on, just another apologia for yet more State spending to deal with State created problems

Peter Joseph said...

Thanks for the post.