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Monday, 15 November 2010

Muslim Cuts Out Australian Girlfriend's Tongue

Yet another unfortunate example of a naive Western woman paying a high price for her involvement with a Muslim man:

A CHARGE of torture has been laid against a South Australian man who allegedly cut off a woman's tongue with a knife and sliced each side of her mouth open.

Mohammed Tasleem Tahir, 21, today faced the Southport Magistrates Court charged with torture, acts intended to maim and disfigure and grievous bodily harm over the weekend attack in Surfers Paradise.

Police will allege 20-year-old Catherine Cameron was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning with a 4cm slash to the right side of her mouth and a 2cm slash to the left which exposed her mouth cavity.

She also allegedly had her tongue cut in half and her fractured eye socket will require a metal plate to be inserted.

Court documents allege the woman had come to the Gold Coast six months ago, leaving behind her defacto partner, Mr Tahir, in South Australia.

She told police she changed her name and phone number to start afresh but was allegedly confronted by Mr Tahir at her Surfers Paradise unit around 1.30am who wanted to 'repair' the relationship.

The documents allege Mr Tahir held her in a head lock and bashed her repeatedly with an empty Bundaberg Rum bottle before pulling out a knife.

He allegedly held it to her throat before placing it in her mouth and cutting her lips and tongue.

Police will allege he then took her into the bedroom and attempted to strangle her on her bed, only stopping when she went limp and pretended to be unconscious.

Worried neighbours called triple-zero after hearing sounds of a violent struggle and police allegedly found Mr Tahir in the apartment living room and located a bloodied rum bottle.

Barrister Bernard Battley sought an adjournment for his client for a bail application on November 26.

Mr Tahir will face court that day via videolink from prison.

As Lawrence Auster has previously observed, this sort of violence resulting from a mixed relationship is becoming a classic pattern in most Western countries - and yet, no one in the media or in authority will ever acknowledge it.

They are selling out their populations in order to enact one of the most damaging and insane social experiments in known human history - and we not only let them, we enable them.


Juniper in the Desert said...


Emaleth said...

Absolutely outrageous! Shame on our media for not reporting such cases! Islam is a disgrace!

Special Operations Executive said...

I actually LIVE in South Australia & have a son who lives in Brisbane & NEITHER of us has heard of this atrocity reported in our media,either radio,TV or Newspaper!
In fact very few stories that involves Muslims makes it to the media in Australia!
All this kow-towing to Muslims for what purpose?

WAKE UP said...

What I don't get is why the women who get mixed up with these Islamic nutters don't get it.