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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whose Country Is It Anyway?

Two Lithuanians have been sent to jail for attacking a man and his two daughters who confronted them about their anti-social behaviour.

The twist is that the man who was attacked, Mr Boateng, is black. Apparently, the two thugs made monkey noises before they attacked him.

Is this particularly relevant? Well, as he sentenced Mindaugus Krisiukenas, 20, and Paulius Kulikauskas, 24, the judge told them:

"It's their country, not yours."

Under no other circumstances would he have made such a remark - or been permitted to. If he had said that to any other foreign criminals, no matter how heinous the offence (I know that to the elite rape and murder are not as heinous as incorrect attitudes, but work with me here), he would have been denounced as a racist himself, and probably harassed out of his job.

I'm not condoning the behaviour of the two Lithuanians, or disputing that they deserve to go to prison; it's just that in my world, it is attacking an innocent family that warrants a custodial sentence, rather than stupid name calling or politically incorrect opinions.

I just thought this case was worthy of note; not once in my (unfortunately) extensive reading of all manner of crimes being perpetrated against British people in their own land by foreigners have I ever heard a judge express such a sentiment - or even felt that they would wish to, that they were thinking it very deep down.

The only conclusion that I can come to is that, in the view of the elite, whilst British-born minorities are entitled to be protected from unenlightened foreigners who do not have the benefits of political correctness, brain-washing from birth and diversity of their own, the rest of us are not entitled to be protected from foreign crime, from people who come from violent, hard societies where attitudes are often very different - and even expressing such a wish marks one out as a bigot.

For what does "It's their country, not yours," mean?

It means if you don't want to play the game and fit in, then you can leave, because you are not welcome.

If only we could persuade the majority of judges that that sentiment should apply to all violent crime and subversion of our society rather than being politically incorrect, then we might stand a fighting chance of saving our country.


Anonymous said...

"It's their country, not yours."

Now that is interesting. Once the Lisbon treaty comes into force in Dec 2009, our country will be the EU ie a union of people of Europe or Europeans. In that event the Lithuanians will be alright.

Anonymous said...
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syntec said...

"It's their country, not yours."

Our country, the United Kingdom, neither belongs to blacks or other white European nationalities.

However, if one wishes to examine the issue in more depth then by virtue of their ethnicities in the shape of race, shared continent, heritages, belief system and cultures, other white European nationalities have greater rights to be in the United Kingdom than do non-whites.

Non-whites, incidently, are not European regardless of how long some, through invasion, trespass or permitted civic citizenship, have resided in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Did white Europeans have a right to call South America, India, Africa and parts of the Middle East, their countries during the colonial era?

Well, if we examine the historical outcome of white European colonialism regarding the said non-white Third World continents/ countries, the non-whites of those various regions consistently and vehemently disgreed and continue to disagree today that whites had any rights whatsoever to lay claim to these non-white ancestral homelands, nevermind even remotely considering they, the whites, ever had any rights to do so in the first place.

That being so, non-whites have absolutely no rights to inhabit white homelands since they are totally alien both in racial and cultural terms and because European white homelands are not the ancestral homelands of their non-white lineages, languages, heritages, cultures, beliefs and traditions.

Their ethnic homelands lie elsewhere on the planet.