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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Abdelali Nachet Sentenced for Rape

Back in August I posted about the case of Abdelali Nachet, a Moroccan living in Leeds who repeatedly raped a Chinese tourist he met through the website couchsurfing.com.

Well, at the end of October Nachet was found guilty - and jailed for just ten years, despite threatening to kill the woman throughout an ordeal which lasted all through the night and was described in court as "degrading and humiliating".

The case had gone to re-trial after the jury initially failed to reach a verdict.

The really interesting part is what happened as the verdict was returned:
As the foreman read out the majority verdicts Nachet dramatically collapsed in the dock and began wailing hysterically. Security guards were forced to drag him away to the cells where he repeatedly banged his head on the floor.

Sentencing him to 10 years in prison Recorder of Leeds Peter Collier QC said: "When your partner left you, you intentionally used the couchsurfing website to attract women to your home.

"Having observed you during the course of this trial I'm satisfied you believe that you are irresistible to women."

He added that Nachet had subjected his victim to a "long and persistent
physical assault", used "emotional blackmail" and put her "through indignity after indignity violating her again and again."

He said that the sustained attack was an "abuse of trust of those who sign up to the social networking site to come and stay in your home."

As he was taken away to serve his sentence Nachet screamed: "I want to go back to my country. I want to go back to Morocco. This is not right. I want to be sentenced in Morocco. This is racist."

Obviously Britain wasn't too bad a country to live in when he was doing as he pleased here and we were paying to bring up his kid - but as soon as he's held to account for the things he's done, it's all racist.

If there were any sane people left in this country's upper echelons, he would have his request granted - I wonder how long it would take him to change his mind when he was thrown into a Moroccan prison?

But no - we'll keep on paying, for his imprisonment, for his appeals, for the next trial when he's released in 5 years' time and does it all over again.

What fools we are.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was present at the trial and came across this post because of a google alert.

Just one point which doesn't seem to have been reported; in addition to the ten years there was also a deportation order handed down from the judge so when he gets out its back to Morocco for him.

Anonymous said...

He's screaming racist but I bet part of the reason he targeted the woman for rape was probably because of her race, because he perceive East Asian women as too shy to report sexual assault to the police (the reason given for why a few US university students targetted a Japanese woman for kidnapping and assault a few years ago).

Good grief. A few months ago, I encounter street harassment where someone was hollering "Hey Asian girl! Hey Asian girl", and I didn't even look up, until the guy shouted, "What's the matter, you don't like black guys?" I didn't even know what colour this yob was before I looked up!

Racism regrettably persist to be a problem in many places and bears /examining/, but people who abusively name drop it so ridiculously needed to be called out on it, I wish the judge had asked this creeper to explain how the verdict was racist, I wish the Asian woman he had victimized had gotten to slap him for it!