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Monday, 16 November 2009

Gaddafi Tries to Convert 200 Italian "Party Girls" to Islam

From the BBC:

A group of party girls got more than they bargained for when they were recruited to attend a posh do in Rome on Sunday night.

Instead of canapés and cocktails, the 200 young women found themselves being encouraged to become Muslims.

It turned out the host was Libya's leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi, in town for the UN food summit.

He spoke of the wonders of Islam and assured his guests it was not anti-women, as some critics argue.

The selection process had been rigorous; the identity of the host, a mystery.

The girls had to be beautiful, between 18 and 35 - and at least 1.70m tall.

The dress code was strict: plunging necklines and short miniskirts were most definitely out.

Two-hundred women passed muster and were bussed to a plush residential corner of the Italian capital.

Security scanned and shown into an imposing reception room, they were then left waiting, as several complained, without so much as a glass of water.

An hour later, their host's identity was finally revealed.

Col Gaddafi proceeded to preach the benefits of Islam, taking particular pains to assure his guests that it was not misogynistic, and encouraging them to convert.

Two hours later, the women left, looking a touch bemused, 50 euros ($75; £45) better off and clutching a copy of the Koran.

Notice the lighthearted way that this is treated.

The man is a crank, and it might seem funny upon first glance, but is it?

He is trying to convert a group of Italian women, who he specified must be of child-bearing age, to Islam en masse on Italian soil.

This is a man who knows that mass immigration is a dagger in the heart of Europe and the West; so he must be aware that after colonisation, subduing, absorbing and "integrating" the inhabitants (us) is the next step. Converting women to Islam, thus ensuring they will raise Muslim children, is the easiest way.

I wonder if the BBC would find all of this so amusing if a far-Right party tried the same trick?

But of course, a tyrannical Muslim despot can do no wrong.

***Update 18:21***

The Daily Mail has slightly more information - apparently the women were hired from one of Italy's largest escort agencies. The article claims 500 attended, but most other sources agree on 200 - although more such lectures will appsrently be held before he leaves Rome, one tonight and one tomorrow.

Whilst many of the women were said to have felt offended, some actually seem to have swallowed his drivel:

One blonde woman who did not give her name said: ‘I was particularly offended when he said we believed that Christ had been crucified but he hadn’t, instead it was someone who looked like him and that God had saved Christ.’

But Alessandro Londero, of Rome-based Hostessweb, who claims his agency is ‘one of the biggest in Europe with more than 65,000 girls’ on its books, insisted: ‘It was a very enjoyable experience and the girls were captivated by the evening.

‘Some of them have already been in touch with me to express an interest in going to Libya and seeing the place for themselves and speaking further with Gaddafi about converting to Islam.

‘He gave the girls Italian translations of the Koran and of his Green Book and he said he would be in touch with them to test them and make sure they had read them.


Dr.D said...

He is a typical muzlim; everything is about sex. The only thing that is atypical is that at least he is willing to pay for it, rather than simply rape the women.

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