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Sunday, 15 November 2009

"The Muslim Boys" Attack Prisoner over Remembrance Day

The Daily Mirror reports that a white inmate at HMP Belmarsh was attacked and seriously injured by "The Muslim Boys" gang last week.

A different white inmate had chastised two members of the gang for failing to show any respect on Remembrance Sunday, when they continued a game of table tennis during the two minutes' silence. This prompted him to grab the ball to prevent the game.

In response, five members of the gang went looking for any white inmate they could find to exact revenge, and ended up attacking a man with boiling water and a glass jar in a sock, which left him needing emergency surgery.

Three of the attackers were sent to solitary confinement, whilst the other two gathered yet more members of the gang and attempted to ambush another white inmate, but he bested them.
Of course, The Mirror has nothing to say about the evils of racism and discrimination in this instance, simply quoting a prison insider:
Two white cons have been moved away, while the Muslim Boys will be dealt with at the prison. A Belmarsh source said: "Tensions are simmering. It's very worrying."

The article claims that "The Muslim Boys" are an al-Qaeda splinter group, but I'm not sure this is true - they are simply a glaring example of the remarkable hole this country has dug for itself through its immigration policies.

"The Muslim Boys" began as a group of mainly black criminals from south London who converted to Islam in prison. They regarded the name as something outsiders called them, referring to themselves as the "Poverty Driven Children" (good to see they at least learned one thing at school, then - it's all whitey's fault).

They acquired a fearsome reputation on the streets of Lambeth and Southwark, where their specialty was robbing drug dealers and demanding protection money from other criminals - all whilst wearing long leather coats and waving Mac-10 submachine guns.

As their power grew, they began intimidating local imams to open mosques in the early hours so they could pray after stealing, as well as forcing other young black men to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

At least one, Anthony Marriott, was shot in the head and killed for refusing them.

By 2004, pretty much all London's other black criminal gangs were united against them - but that only drove them to more violence.

In December 2004, PC Liam Morrow was shot in the legs after being alerted to suspicious activity:

PC Morrow, 23, was shot three times in his legs, in Madeira Avenue, Bromley, on December 20, last year.

Five officers went to the street just after midnight following reports four men in a car were acting suspiciously.

Khan and his three accomplices fled in the direction of Highland Road when officers approached them and PC Morrow was shot as they fled.

He returned to work in May and has vowed the incident will not affect his work.

He said: "I'm not scared. I have wanted to be a policeman all my life and nothing will stop me from doing my job."

Some linked the man convicted, Zartash Khan, to the Muslim Boys.

However, as the authorities crowed that many of the gang's leading figures were being jailed, its effectiveness was being reduced and it didn't have any "genuine Islamic links" anyway, it was well known by 2005 that the Muslim Boys were making a hell of a reputation for themselves in HMP Belmarsh:

Inside Belmarsh jail, the Muslim Boys have imported their savage and ferocious behavior. They have carved for themselves a unique position within the prison hierarchy, feared by inmates and treated with caution by prison officers. To achieve this, they have violently attacked inmates and staff alike.

In December 2005, a leaked internal security report from the jail stated: “Prisoners reported abuse, assaults, intimidation and threats. Some of the atrocities were carried out with impunity during associations causing victims to fear for their lives. Most of the perpetrators are believed to be members of the Muslim Boys gang who intensified their drive to recruit other prisoners to the fold. They force prisoners to accept the Muslim faith - those who refuse suffer assaults. They promise potential converts protection from other prisoners and staff who they challenge at every opportunity.”

A month later, a source inside the prison stated: “The Muslim Boys’ gang master orders most of the assaults on fellow prisoners. They rule through fear and are very hard to infiltrate.”

In February 2006, a prominent member of the Muslim Boys gang led an attack upon prison staff that led to a riot in the prison’s high security unit. A prison guard was set upon by two inmates. Two of these were Muslim Boys gang members. Another prisoner then joined in. The officer was hit around his head and upper body with a pool cue and also a sock that had been filled with cans of tuna. He received cuts and needed hospital treatment. The incident led to further violence in which two other prison guards were also attacked. One of these was punched and kicked in the shower block of the unit, and the other was assaulted in the medical treatment room. About ten prisoners and ten staff fought with each other, and five prisoners were given disciplinary action.

On Good Friday, April 14 2006, one member of the Muslim Boys was “punished” for trying to convert out of Islam. When the Belmarsh prisoner was in the toilet, eight Muslim Boys gang members attacked him. The victim received head injuries. When prison officers tried to intervene, they too were attacked. The Home Office denied that the attack had been a serious incident, but a spokesperson said that four men were being subjected to “administrative action.”

In May 2007, a leading member of the Muslim Boys gang again led an attack upon Belmarsh prison staff. On the morning of May 4, this individual was asked to hand over his laptop computer to a prison officer. In March 2006 the prison had controversially authorized the issue of laptop computers costing £1,000 apiece ($1,958) to 28 of the prisoners in the jail, including terror suspects and Abu Hamza. The prison authorities argued that these computers were to be used for prisoners to prepare their legal defenses.

The Muslim Boys gang member had been suspected of using a smuggled card to enable his laptop computer to be connected to the internet. He refused to give the computer to the officer and then punched and kicked him. Other prisoners then joined in, brandishing pool cues. When the security alarm was sounded, three more prison officers were attacked, in what was regarded by staff as a pre-planned assault. One of the prison officers received a broken chin and another underwent shoulder injuries.

And the prison authorities are only just concerned about "tensions simmering over"?

No - they are concerned that the public will find out just who runs parts of HMP Belmarsh, and their masters at the Home Office (or the "Justice Ministry" are whatever it's called this week) will be held to account at the ballot box, as they deserve to be.


DP111 said...

Venerable Earl
Any idea when the nation is going to wake up and say "enough".

I hope we are moving to that situation soon.

G Brown is apologising to the country. Apparantly he did not know that immigration was such a big deal to the people of the UK. If only, he says, we had told him, he would most certainly have done something about it.

Anyway, now he knows. So if we vote for Labour, he will make sure that only those who qualify will be allowed in.

jason said...

You are obsessed with race.
You are feeble minded.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


But I can string more than two sentences together.


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