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Monday, 21 September 2009

News on Lisbon from Ireland

On 2nd October 2009, the people of Ireland will be given their second opportunity to vote on The Treaty of Lisbon, i.e. the European Constitution Mark II.

The very fact that they have to vote again after rejecting the treaty (which must be ratified by all EU member states to become binding) speaks volumes, but many predict that this time the 'yes' campaign could clinch the deal.

The economic crisis and the idea that Ireland would be cast out of the European Union in every meaningful sense if they vote no a second time seems to have somewhat overshadowed the flagrant bullying and double standards meted out since the people last spoke their minds.

Most of the threats are implicit; "What would Ireland's place in Europe be if it rejected the Treaty a second time?"

Never mind the right of the Irish people to decide the fate and direction of their own nation. Never mind the blood spilt in the struggle for Irish sovereignty, independence, freedom, nationhood. Never mind that the voters of France and The Netherlands have already rejected the thing, resoundingly, when given the opportunity.

This time, once more, the Irish are the only voters in the entire EU who get a democratic say on the ratification of a document which purports to 'tidy up' the EU's powers, but will actually see powerful centralisation and further integration occur.

We have already had an unelected Prime Minister speak on our behalf, despite promising a referendum on the Treaty.

Despite all of this, as I said, many have predicted the 'yes' side have it all sewn up this time. Of my two Irish friends, one is in favour of 'yes' and already jubilant at the scent of victory, and the other favours 'no' - but still thinks it is a lost cause.

But is it? The latest poll results look promising:

A new opinion poll shows that there has been a massive surge in support for the No side, which, if it holds till voting day would result in the Lisbon Treaty being heavily defeated by a margin of 59% NO ‘V’ 41% YES.

In one of the largest polls of its kind ever carried out: Gael Poll polled 1,500 respondents in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Kilkenny, Galway, Athlone, Tralee, Dundalk and Letterkenny over the course of six days last week.The respondents were asked one single question: How do you intend to vote in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum?

A substantial 723 (59 %) said they intended voting No as opposed to 502 (41%) who indicated that they would vote Yes. The survey also showed that 15% percent of voters were still undecided. When pollsters discounted the don't knows: an overwhelming 59% of people would vote No in the referendum as opposed to 41% who indicated that they would vote Yes.

The last Gael Poll which was published in the Irish Sun (June 4th 2008)
accurately predicted that the Lisbon Treaty would be defeated by a margin of 54 % for the No side versus 46% for Yes campaigners.

On the day of the count -which took place nine days later- the actual result was 53.4% No and 46.6 % Yes.

The uncanny poll prediction which was out by only a half a percent was the
most accurate poll in the country.

It seems there is certainly cause for hope.

For any undecided Irish voters who may stumble across this, I urge you to watch Daniel Hannan's appeal to the people of Ireland:

I too have faith in the outcome - the people of Ireland know more than most the price of freedom and the cost of servitude.


Nemesis said...

Hannan is a very astute politician who can play a crowd to suit their own ideals, but what kind of politician is he really, where does his ideology not mirror that of the sitting government?

I think those that comment on this site all realise the tories when elected will still continue with the self destructive policies which has seen the colonnization of Britain by hordes of third worldlers.

I have never seen Hannan condemn these policies!

Dr.D said...

Daniel Hannan is a better man than any in the current Pariliament in any party. If the UK were governed by men of Hannan's caliber things would be far better than they are today. He has intelligence, clarity, and integrity far beyond the typical politician.

Thank you, Dan!

Nemesis said...

But Dr. D, one man alone cannot persuade the party he must support to abandon the suicidal policies that are very self evident to those who wish to see it.

Why have I never heard this man if he is as intelligent as you describe, denounce the current system of mass immigration!

Dr.D said...

@ Nemesis

I said, "He has intelligence, clarity, and integrity far beyond the typical politician." A word of key importance in all of this is the word "politician." I rather imagine he does not think it wise as a politician to do so, but then again, I don't know why he does not denounce mass immigration. He can be wrong on a multitude of issues and still be way better than the typical politician.

Actually, I think he represents you, and I know he does not represent me. Why don't you ask him about that?

Nemesis said...

Dr.D, Hannan does not represent me! I agree with you that he is a very intelligent 'politician', but he is still none the less a politician who deems party policy and ideology above all else otherwise he would be speaking out on immigration.

That is my point!

Anonymous said...

YES = The EU dictatorship: Poverty under a brutal police state.:


They’re going to ask Ireland to vote on Lisbon
and the EU dictatorship again: Say No again.

YES would make this last day of democracy in Europe, and start of The New world order fascist POLICE state EU.

The New World Order is going to have its dictatorial way in the end with – or without an Irish “no – and we deserve it for not reacting in due time against the traitors – just said: “Pth! Conspiracy theory!”

The Lisbon Treaty I. Brainwashed Political Brotherhood Unanimously Keen on Giving up Democracy:


Voting YES Ends democracy in Europe. Vote NO!

“The New World Order is going to have its dictatorial way in the end with – or without an Irish “no – and we deserve it for not reacting in due time against the traitors – just said: “Pth! Conspiracy theory!”


…corrupt EU now just needs the Lisbon Treaty to bring about its destruction of the last remnant of decency. Therefore, Mr. Barroso now offers 15 mio euro to the Irish city of Limerick… if…Our only hope to avoid the the disastrous Lisbon Treaty lies with one single man, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the only decent and honest politician left in the EU…

Vote NO - Save democracy and freedom of speech!




Spoofing the Irish media and public with Lisbon “guarantees” that guarantee nothing




It’s time to switch off the TV and pick up a book about the EU, or check out the many Internet sites relating to this
Totalitarian `Super-State in the making.`

Do something, speak to your friends, neighbours, family; just do something before it is too late, and if the Irish vote yes,
it is.







EU creates new EU constitution in secrecy = Lisbon treaty!...Vote NO!