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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Comment from Yvonne Ridley

Muslim convert Yvonne Ridley has left a rather weak comment on one of my posts about her (with thanks to reader Ben for actually noticing).

Whilst she accuses me of defaming her, she does not tell me which statements (all gleaned from web research, including her own Wikipedia page) are allegedly false, or attempt to challenge them with anything other than threats, and thus they stand.

The comment is very boring, but fits a pattern - telling the truth about Islam constitutes spreading hatred, and not bowing to the idle threats of the apologists and shills of the spread of Islam in the West constitutes a "smear campaign".

The original intention of the post was to highlight the fact that Ridley pretends to be an ordinary, educated Englishwoman who discovered the truth and beauty of Islam after being captured and then released by the Taliban in Afghanistan whilst working as a journalist.

She went on a university speaking tour to spread that message - but it is false. Ridley was dabbling in anti-West, far-Left and radical Islamic politics long before she went to Afghanistan - she married and had a daughter with a PLO colonel she met in Cyprus in 1992.

Whatever she pretends, this is hardly the life of the ordinary, provincial Englishwoman.

Ridley sees Islam for what it is - a very useful tool for undermining the West, particularly Israel. When one looks at her views, conversion seems a natural progression.

I am not going to stop pointing that out, and she can make as many threats as she likes.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

Nemesis said...

Perhaps when the time comes for us to take back control of our nations, Ridley's name will on the top of the Traitors List!

May I also add your comment was very tactful and to the point.

WAKE UP said...

There are none so fierce as the "converted", as their lives then have to be one long justification.

Anonymous said...

I've read both your original article and the Islamist traitor's response. What is apparent is her fragile, disordered ego being wounded and her subsequent Islamic-natured threatening response. A standard case of the bully's inability to take what she gives, a dismissal of reality to the point of delusion. Perhaps a normal person would be (at least at a subconscious level) be magnanimous/open-minded enough to accept it as 'the other side's' opinion/side of the argument. Not this specimen though, only behaviour tantamount to assault will do...

Anonymous said...

Be fair though she has been severely beaten with the ugly stick. Maybe that's why she is so keen to wear a body bag (burqha) so she doesn't inflect her mug on the general public?