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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

"Asian" Gangs Running Car Crash Scam

Criminal Asian gangs have found a new way to make money in parts of England - deliberately causing car accidents, sometimes serious ones, and then fleecing the other party's insurance company.

From The Irish Sun:

Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi criminal gangs in Britain are staging deliberate car accidents in order to claim their victims' car insurance money, police say.

In what has been dubbed a 'cash for crash' scam, the organised gangs, operating primarily in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the suburbs of London, are said to be costing the British insurance industry about 350 million pounds a year.

The modus operandi of the gangs appears to be to move closely in a convoy of two cars - the first car suddenly brakes very hard, as does the second, forcing the targeted victim's car to crash into the rear of the second car, police said.

The perpetrators then make a fraudulent car crash claim to their victim's insurance company for damages to their vehicle and for personal injuries, such as whiplash - real or not.

Some fraudsters have claimed for injuries to persons not even present in the vehicle.

Ten such gangs operate in northwest London alone, and the daily count of staged accidents could be up to 20, London police inspector Nick Chalmers told BBC Asian Radio.

According to an Insurance Fraud Bureau report issued in July this year, incidents of criminally staged, fake car accidents are on the increase.

The cost to the industry is passed on to all drivers, not just the victims.

According to the Association of British Insurers, all bogus claims - including those made in 'cash for crash' scams - can add five percent, or 44 pounds, to the insurance premiums of law-abiding motorists.

A two-year investigation by Hertfordshire police, called Operation Mysterious, resulted in one gang receiving a total of 10 years in jail earlier this year.

'Innocent members of the public are being involved in serious collisions by criminal gangs just to make money. It is putting them and other road users seriously at risk,' Chalmers told Sky News.

In other - and I'm sure totally unrelated - news, it has been announced that Bradford is proportinally Britain's capital in terms of uninsured motor vehicles, closely followed by the West Midlands.


Faith said...


This was investigated up north around May this year and a list of the hotspots published.

These "cash for crash" guys often back into the car behind..and "witnesses" crawl out of woodwork by the dozen!

Round our way you give cars containing muslims a very wide berth.

Nemesis said...

This must be catching, because this type of crime was exposed in the early 80's in New South Wales and legislated against. Committed by Lebanese Muslims of course!

Fred said...

Faith is right. Give cars containing muslims a wide berth. Some people will not even drive through the muslim areas in our town.

They know the law about "tail-end" accidents and either reverse into the car behind at junctions or lights. A variation is to disable their brake lights so the following car does not have time to stop.

A friend was done by them in this way. As another variation a family member was rammed in a carpark. A small woman of 60 she was hit by a car containing 4 "Asian" men who got on their mobiles and called up another lot as backup. All 4 claimed for head whip and it cost her £3000 on her insurance.

Anonymous said...

I too have seen reports that Bradford has the most uninsured drivers & untaxed/fraudulently taxed cars on the road in UK. So where are the police & spot checks or is it yet another case of spare the immigrants and belt the indiginous population for trivial "offences" - I got 3 pts & £60 for averaging 53mph through a 50 limit temporary M5 roadworks in the early hours when there wasn't another car or workman in sight

DP111 said...

Well presented video by EDL and WDL


Pass it on.

Pressure is piling on the authorities. Who are they going to go after. I hope they go after EDL, for that will set light the fuse.

John said...

I just can’t imagine that criminal gangs in Britain are owing to the trend of 'cash for crash' scam. Only to claim their victim’s car insurance money, they are organizing deliberate car accidents. So people are registering fraud claims with the insurance company which may cost it dearly. There are people out there who prey on innocent drivers, using their belief that they're safe when they're out on the roads as long as they're following the rules to cash in on some major bucks from their insurance. You might be responsible for an accident that you actually had nothing to do with, just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you fall prey to one of these con artists, don't get disappointed disclose your car insurance provider that there is something's fishy in the compensation claim. Chances are there that they will support your cause. For more information visit compensation claim .

Reuhl Bernardo said...

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