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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Geert Wilders Progress Report

According to 'Gates of Vienna', (whom I must also thank for the brilliant banner above), Geert Wilders is to appeal his prosecution to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. My favourite quote is:

"Moszkowicz [Wilders' lawyer] will appeal to the Prosecutor General to “nullify the case due to considerations of the law”, which will put the order to prosecute Wilders in the garbage bin."

Um, yeah. Just a few little considerations of the law, like the fact it's an aberration which goes against everything that free Western democracies stand for. Like the fact that if Imams and ordinary Muslims can spew forth their more demented ideas, then Wilders too is free to say what he wants. After all, it's not as if some animals are more equal than others, is it?

I doubt the solicitor will phrase it quite like that, but then that's why I'll never make a lawyer or a diplomat.

The last time I checked on the progress of the petition set up in Mr Wilders' favour, it had nearly 30,000 signatures. Again, I would respectfully urge anyone who stumbles across this post to sign it, even if you disagree with him; after all, isn't the concept of freedom of speech all about differences of opinion?

Now, on a slight variation of the same subject, according to 'Atlas Shrugs', the House of Lords here in Britain has overturned the 'victory' won by Lord Nazir Ahmed (with the implicit threat of violence) to ban* Geert Wilders from screening Fitna to a gathering of Peers of the Realm, and Geert is now free to do so.

Lord Ahmed was apparently boasting of his victory in the Pakistani press, although pending a court victory hopefully he will be sentenced for death by dangerous driving very soon; the last media reports of the case made it sound like a cut and dried guilty verdict, but as Pamela notes, the story simply vanished from the public domain. However, according to his wikipedia profile, he's been referred for sentencing on 25th February, so let's hope they throw the book at him, even if he can't be expelled from the Lords afterwards.
*The less common Islamic definition of 'ban'; i.e. get some of those notoriously sensitive young men on the streets to attack some police/embassies/insert symbol of pride or authority here.
Repeat until a weak hearted Western government bans said offensive cartoon/book/film/ancient liberty for you; then ensure no counter protest can work, with violence if necessary.


WAKE UP said...

The very words Lord. Nazir. Ahmed.
are, as far as I'm concerned, an absolute encapsulation of everything we've got wrong.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I agree. I think even a cursory glance at the 'controversies' section on his wikipedia page proves that people should be promoted on merit, worth and ability, not colour.