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Thursday, 12 February 2009

For Shame

According to Sky News, Geert Wilders has been presented with the letter banning him from the UK by Heathrow immigration officials, and will now be sent back to The Netherlands. Officials will escort him to 'make sure he leaves on the next available flight', although they avoid using the word 'arrested'.

For anyone interested, Lord Pearson and Lord Ahmed had a heated debate on Sky News, during which Lord Ahmed continually interrupted and accused Lord Pearson of spouting 'propaganda' for quoting from the Qu'ran:

More to follow.

Wilders has now been escorted from an immigration detention room to a flight which was scheduled to leave at 16:45 GMT.

He is reported to have said the following:
Geert Wilders calls Gordon Brown "the biggest coward in Europe".

"This is a very black day, they bow to Islam by denying the critics access to the country," says Wilders who claimed they had a conversation about expelling him for exactly 47 seconds.
When Wilders arrived they instantly told him: "you are not allowed in and you are going out as soon as possible."

Wilders said: "I am now on my own in a hut in a detention centre where I cannot get out. It has never happened that a parliamentarian had been kicked out of the country. I expect Balkenende [Dutch PM] to speak hard words to Brown [Brit PM] on this."

Here's the video from the BBC (interviewer has clearly made up her mind and asks cyclical questions):

Wilders wants a special debate on this as soon as possible and demands the Dutch government act against Great Britain.


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Derius said...

If it is any consolation, this has actually worked in our favour. The whole incident has received far more press coverage than it would have done if Geert Wilders had been let in to show Fitna in the House of Lords originally. More people now know who Geert Widers is, and they also now know that there are politicians in Europe who oppose the Islamisation of our continent. This incident has completly discredited our Government, and shows that they are living in fear of the Muslim community.

This has also shown that Geert Wilders is correct in his views. He is arguing that Islam is violent, and has been barred entry to express his views...due to a perceived violent reaction from the Islamic Community!

Still, you are correct that those who are outraged should write to the Government, to let them know how they feel. Otherwise we will be ignored. Again.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Alternate 4 CraigsList:
Thanks for the link.

You're right. In an ideal world the main result of this would be the British people demanding some politicans of Geert's calibre, but at least now more people are aware there are politicians out there who oppose the erosion of our values and liberties.

I thought the entire situation was an embarrassing mistake for the government (but then, I suppose they thought 'stick to what you know'), and it does prove Mr Wilders right, yes.

I won't say too much as I plan a longer post on this issue tomorrow or Monday.

KG said...

Absolutely right, Derius. The more this kind of thing happens, the better.
(although the media here in NZ and Australia barely mentioned it)