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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Weekly News Round Up: 11th-17th January 2009

Some telling titbits from this week's UK newspapers.

Tony Blair awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom:
This is a little irksome, and has been called 'bad timing' by some. I think the timing could never be quite right; as the rest of the world seems to despise Bush, I reserve my vitriol for Tony Blair. Bush was pushed into a very difficult corner after the 11th of September 2001 attacks, and Iraq was the culmination of his attempt to show he was doing something.

It turned out to be a mistake, and they happen. But Blair lied to Parliament, was largely responsible for the flawed 'weapons of mass destruction' evidence, and continued to lie even after being caught out. He has never shown an ounce of remorse for the lives lost in Iraq, never apologised, never been held to account. In my opinion he is a crook who puts Nixon in the shade, but now he struts around the world with his £12 million bank balance, playing the 'peace envoy', protected by the British taxpayer.

Demonstrating the judgment he's world famous for, Mr Bush said: 'Tony's the kind of guy who looks you straight in the eye and tells the truth'. Yep, and with his other hand he's feeling for your wallet.

The man symbolises everything that's wrong with modern Britain and politics in this country. The joke is, he's being touted as the first 'President of Europe', when the constitution finally gets pushed though. Who says crime doesn't pay?

I'll Never Forgive My Son's Killer:
Schoolboy David Idowu was 14 years old when a recent immigrant from the Congo, Elijah Dayoni, stabbed him through the heart. Apparently during his short stay in the UK, this individual had racked up quite a criminal record. Not to worry though - after committing and being convicted for this callous murder, he's been jailed for life.
Except, in the United Kingdom, life has apparently become synonymous with '12 years'.
That means he'll be out of prison by 28. No wonder he was smiling as he was sent down.

Muslim Civil Servant Advocates Killing British Soldiers:
Well, the article says it all really. He's been suspended, but not sacked, obviously. That might be racist or contravene his human rights or something. When will this country wake up?

David Miliband Says War on Terror 'A Mistake':
I think he has 'War on Terror' confused with 'David Miliband's appointment as Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom'.
I prefer The Telegraph's rebuttal.

In all seriousness, that trite term was probably only thought up in the first place to appease people like him. However whilst condemning the war in Iraq (massively unpopular, pushed through by his party), he advocates a surge for Afghanistan.

What are we achieving there, exactly? If we had an objective, it would be one thing. I personally feel taking back control of our borders from the European Union and actually controlling immigration, whilst at the same time being tough on Islamic extremists already here might do more for our internal security than letting the Taliban take free shots at our troops.
In any case, Miliband is increasingly evolving from a non-entity into a very dangerous individual. Co-operate with terrorists, not fight them?

Right. And what common ground do we have to do that exactly? Comparing them to the IRA entirely misses the point; the IRA had one overall objective which was not beyond the realms of fantasy.

Islamic extremism not only has one uniting ideology in Jihad, but wants to take the world back to some point before the 14th Century, whilst wiping out an entire race and nation along with anyone else who dares resist or disagree along the way.
Perhaps if Mr Miliband wishes to negotiate, we could arrange for him to be air dropped over a destination of his choice (Somalia, Gaza, maybe Sudan or Afghanistan), and he can keep us updated on just what he's achieved.

Next week should be good, we have the anointing of The One to look forward to.
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