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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons

This story reaches us from Nottingham:

SUPERMARKET Morrisons has apologised after a Muslim family bought a tuna salad which contained ham.

The family from Carlton bought two pasta salads which were labelled as tuna salads from Morrisons in Netherfield last month.

But when they got home they discovered it was a ham salad.

It is against the family's religion to eat meat from a pig. The mum-of-two in the family, who did not want to be identified, complained to Morrisons about the mis-labelled food.

Fair enough. The salads were labelled wrongly, and most supermarkets would apologise and offer a refund or a replacement upon being informed of the mistake.

Ordinarily, of course, this might even be enough to absolve them of such a terrible sin.

She said: "My children and I have never eaten ham before so we didn't know what it looked like. But we realised straight away that it was not tuna in the salad and my children were very distraught."
Distraught? Why? Apart from anything else, the Koran makes it quite clear that ingesting pork by mistake is not haram.
She also said she was unhappy with the response she received from Morrisons.
Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Can someone hear supermarket tills ringing?

So, what was this slap in the face of a response?
She said: "I received a £15 gift voucher as an apology but this is not enough. Morrisons need to realise the damage they have done. If food is mis-labelled, people could have allergic reactions when picking produce they think is safe to eat."
These things happen, and under the circumstances I think Morrisons have been more than generous - a £15 gift voucher is more than most people would receive if they complained about something like this, unless they were particularly dogged about it.

I can't imagine the event making the local paper, either.

If she or one of her children actually had suffered an allergic reaction to the ham and died, then perhaps we could look at what Morrisons owe her family. As it is, absolutely nothing happened, except for something that is routine in supermarkets throughout Britain on a daily basis - so how much exactly would be "enough"?

She just wants to blow this out of all proportion because she's playing the extremely tattered, incredibly over-used Islamic victim card; she doesn't want to be treated like everyone else, but better than everyone else, because any offence is clearly far more grievous if committed against a Muslim.

How long before supermarkets in certain "enriched" parts of the country stop serving haram products at all, lest a terrible thing like this occur again?

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Cingoldby said...

A Muslim family in New Zealand were served a pizza which had some bacon on it.

They were offered and apology and refund. this was considered inadequate by them and they told the newspaper that what they wanted was a fully paid for trip to Mecca for the entire family, courtesy of the pizza parlour.

On that occasion they did not get what they wanted, but you can see the direction things are going, pretty soon they will be receiving the fully paid trip and compensation for the emotional harm and all the rest from our Dhminni establishment.