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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Iraqi Spits on Hero's WWII Service Medals - Escapes Jail

A shocking story from Thursday's Daily Mail indicates just how little respect many of the "cultural enrichers" who have arrived in this country have for its history, its culture and its traditions - not to mention its citizens.

This is Company Sgt. Major Sam Steadman, wearing the medals he earned during his distinguished military career.

Among them are the Palestine Medal, The Africa Star, The Italy Star and the 1939-1945 Star.

During the Second World War, CSM Steadman, a paratrooper, saw action at Dunkirk and in North Africa. He had joined the Army at just 15 and was the first man in his Company to earn The Military Medal.

Mr Steadman died in 1991, and ever since his grandson Timothy House has attended his local Remebrance Day parade in Portsmouth, wearing his Grandfather's medals in his honour. He does this because he believes it is what his Grandfather would have wished for, and also because he believes his Grandfather's actions, and those of countless thousands like him, should be remembered and respected rather than forgotten.

In 2009, Mr House attended as usual, despite the fact he was recovering from a broken hip. After the parade he was standing outside a pub chatting with some friends, including a wheelchair-bound veteran of 91 he had agreed to accompany and look after so he wouldn't miss out on being able to honour his fallen comrades.

As he stood on the pavement, he was passed by this individual, Iraqi immigrant Serwan Abdullah, 23.

For absolutely no reason, Abdullah spat at Mr House, and his saliva landed on his Grandfather's medals. This modern day representative of Cool Britannia then "ran off".

Mr House was understandably furious, and the police were called. When they caught up with Abdullah, he admitted the offence, then claimed Mr House had spat at him first in a "racist attack," before responding:

"I am proud of what I have done. I have no respect for him. F*** him and f*** his medals."

Of course, the stock defence of every non-white scoundrel ("It was racist, innit guv") turned out to be a lie.

Abdullah walked free from court this week, having been sentenced to pay £200 in damages (£100 in compensation to Mr House and £100 in court costs) and to complete 240 hours of unpaid work.

This in spite of the fact that the magistrate, Stuart Chittendon JP, summarised Abdullah's actions thus:

"The offence you have been convicted of is particularly abhorrent to society."

Indeed, Mr Chittendon. What a shame then that you still felt no real punishment was required. I don't think giving a couple of weeks worth of benefits money back to the public purse (assuming he actually pays up, of course) quite cuts it. Evidently this is why I am not and never will be employed in the British criminal justice system.

The only defence Abdullah's lawyer seemed to offer is that "he now accepts he was not acting in self defence."

Big of him. Unfortunately there is no record of any regret or an apology, or even a cursory understanding of why his actions were wrong and deeply offensive. Not that I'm surprised - it's just worth pointing out.

Abdullah has previous convictions for shoplifting, failure to comply with a community order, battery and criminal damage.

Shocking, I'm sure. Still, at least when I'm an old man Abdullah and his ilk will be stealing paying my pension, assuming such a thing still exists - right?

Well, clearly not. Despite the fact Abdullah is happy to enjoy our generous hospitality for as long as we're stupid enough to provide it, he clearly despises everything about this country and what it stands for. What could demonstrate that more clearly (other than his long criminal record) than spitting on the medals of a military veteran?

The article informs us:

Falklands veteran Chris Purcell, a parade martial with the Royal British Legion in Portsmouth, described Abdullah's actions as 'despicable’.

The 50-year-old former petty officer said: "To spit on the medals of a man who fought for our country is disgusting. It's a huge insult."

Yet still, for many, the siren-song of Leftism continues. Out of 30 comments on the Daily Mail article, one was the barely believable:

What you have to realise is that he has an opinion of Western culture based on his life in Iraq. He probably despises the WEST, and given the appalling way that some of our Soldiers have behaved out there towards the Iraqi people, who could blame him? Whilst not condoning what he did, he has EVERY right to protest about anything that he chooses - it's called Democracy.


Anonymous said...

Nice posts. Good to see you back in action after a lengthy hiatus.

Dr.D said...

The muzzie jerk should be deported immediately -- in a box, without refrigeration. There is simply no reason at all for him to continue to live in the UK, none whatsoever.

I find it strange that Mr. House can wear his father's metals. In the US, this would not be allowed. The metals can only be worn by the person to whom they were awarded, and to be worn by anyone else would be serverely frowned upon.