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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Geert Wilders Ambushed by the BBC

Vlad Tepes has made a video using the audio from the BBC radio interview with Geert Wilders I mentioned yesterday, coupled with images of the Muslim protests against Mr Wilders' presence in London a few days later, and other Muslim riots in Europe.

Link: BBC ambush Geert Wilders


Viking said...

"if we follow the bible we will be chopping hands off and stoning every day" what a load of ignorant liberal bollocks. The difference is, Muslims are still doing the shit that our ancestors gave up centuries ago.

This is an excellent video. thanks.

Viking said...

.... and it gets funnier!

None of the questioners have any clue what they're talking about. He comes off very well in this interview, tears them to shreds.

Dr.D said...

I just don't see the point. What is the point of talking with the muzlims when you know what they are going to say and they know what you are going to say, and each of you is simply talking past the other? Have the bloody war, kill a lot of them and deport the rest, and get it over with while you still have enough people to win! You are never going to bring them around to a Western point of view; it just does not work that way!

As regards the Bible, there is stoning in the Bible, but there is not a single instance of chopping off hands or feet. That is a purely muzlim creation.

edward said...

Small detail, one of the callers was from Oldham where I am told there are still no-go areas for non muslims. In 2001 the Chief Superintendent of Police was retired for going public as follows,

"Whites are being beaten so badly and so frequently it is only a matter of time before one of them is killed"

Some months later 17 year old Gavin Hopley was killed. One "Asian" was tried and acquitted and his case never got the Stephan Lawrence treatment although the circumstances were far worse.

Viking said...

there's a bit in the New Testament where Jesus says it's better to cut off your hand if it causes you to sin - The interviewer has clearly never read the bible (one of the cornerstones of Western civilisation) but has rather learnt off glib arguments to sound intelligent...

Dr.D said...

Viking, you are certainly correct about the passage you cite. This was, however, only something described by Jesus in a teaching discussion, and not an actual event. Further, as described, it would be done by the owner of the hand himself, not by someone else which is quite different from the punitive removal of limbs by civil authority. To the best of my knowledge, I have never heard of anyone that carried out this instruction anywhere, anytime.

Faith said...

Edward...there are no-go areas thriving and increasing in all the Lancashire/Yorkshire towns that contain moslem communities.

Local newspapers (Johnson press) carry stories daily of people beaten and/or robbed for setting foot in these areas inc. children, women and old people. Although the stories are often played down it is obvious from the area of the attack who the attackers and victims are. Moslem on white.

Strangely though these people from beyond the self imposed dividing line are free to wander and enjoy the ammenities of the whole town.

loulousay said...

So much for Freedom of Speach in Britain. I wonder if they will ever let Dr Savage in.

Solkhar said...

For my part it is one a-hole radical attempting to forment trouble with a bunch of violent a-hole radicals.

Only two questions should have been asked to that hypocrit Wilders:

1) since you consider yourself the spokesman for "freedom of speech no matter what", then you must obviously support the right to holocaust denial. So why did you not say that when the topic came up earlier this year in the Dutch Parliament?

2) speaking of the Dutch Parliament, why do you not consider it safe to debate there? Since you never debate using the excuse of security, you therefore must consider the chambers of the Dutch parliament as not safe since he avoids debate at all cost. Does he have a good reason for only making speaches and then leaving the chamber? Is he proud of having the record for the least amount of time in the chambers even though he is the leader of a party and has the right to ask and debate as a party leader and a member?

These are the questions for Wilders, nothing else matters since what he says only depends on his own credibilty and frankly speaking it is zero - just like what he says.

edward said...


Since (your?) people pinned pages from the koran to Theo Van Gough's chest with a big knife, Wilders and his family have had to live on an army base. He cannot visit most of his friends because he has to be accompanied by 2 car loads of heavily armed police whenever he goes out. This is because the authorities believe there are plenty of muslims in Holland who want to give him the Van Gough treatment.

Source: BBC Radio 4 "The Choice" interview with Micheal Buerk when he was last allowed into Britain.

Detail - Holland had not had a political murder for 400 years. In the last 10 years they have had 2. Both victims were opponents of islam.

Solkhar said...

I repeat and expand on what I said - one rediculous, radical and hypocritical troublemaker who took on a large group of radical and dangerous troublemakers.

Yes, it is unacceptable that he has to hide and that his life is threatened.

That does not mean, though, that he has the right to capitalize on it - by using it to avoid debate, it does not give him the right to create hatred and espouse public bigotry, we should ask - is this the cause of his creating a dictatorship for a party - there is no democracy within it at all, his position is unquestionable or challangable, as is his singular policies.

All I see here is that he hides behind soem form of sympathy to get away with very dangerous and I think potentially more damaging and destructive policies if allowed to grow.

WAKE UP said...

How the hell did Solkhar get back in here?

Solkhar said...

Purhaps we can use the Bill Engvall phrase for the above post "there's your sign".

You want to argue about freedom of speech no matter what , but then only if it suits you.

edward said...


I am all for peaceful debate but we never get it

It would be nice to debate with the Asian lads who gave the girls living in my rented house such a hard time the university would never list it again.

It would be nice to debate with the parents of the eight year-old Asian child who told later tenants they had no right to been living there because “My mum and dad say this is our street”

It would be nice to debate with the policeman as to why he crapped himself when I told him that it was the Asian lads from a halal takeaway who threw the brick through the window.

It would be nice to debase with the traffic cop who drove past the car on double yellows outside the halal takeaway even though it was rush hour and parked in the limits of a controlled crossing.

It would be nice to debate with the police one afternoon when I pulled over and told them three burly Asians were dragging a white lad from his car and beating the crap out of him. I gave them a running commentary and when I said he had got away they thanked me for my call and said “We will get on touch if we need to.”

This is a very short list of my PERSONAL experiences of our rich diverse multi cultural society.

Yes, when I was seriously ill an Asian specialist came into the hospital at mid-night in her own time to check me out because it was weekend and the English guy could not be arsed. But allowing what the Asian interpreter I worked with called, “Smelly peasants” give everyone a hard time is overdoing the payback.

On a wider sphere be nice to debate why Muslims amount to four per cent of Denmark's population and account for 80 per cent of the rapists and how Norway has a 60% increase in rape principally due to, “Men of north of African origin who hold uncovered women in low esteem”. Check it on the web.

But try to debate these issues and you are certain to lose your job and business. If that does not work they lock you up.

For myself I do not give a monkeys ---- what people believe in if they leave the rest of us alone.

WAKE UP said...

edward, you're wasting your time with the pseudo-intellectual solkhar - in the end, he's as primitive as the rest of them, he's just pretending not to be.