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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Muslim Councillor to Lead Crime Group - After Sons are Jailed for Racist Attack

I wrote previously about the case of Lianne Clayton.

When Miss Clayton was 18, she and her boyfriend were ambushed in the street and beaten by a large gang of 'Asian' men.

Lianne had her two front teeth knocked out in the attack, which was described by the police as 'motiveless'.

Two of the men involved in the attack turned out to be brothers; they later helped their father campaign to become a Tory county councillor.

At the end of July, they were jailed for their part in the attack, but no compensation was awarded to Lianne or her boyfriend James:

Waqar Mohammed Younis, 20, and his younger brother Khawar, 17, were sentenced to a combined 16 months in custody after attacking Lianne Clayton and her boyfriend James Ryder last November.

But Lianne, 18, has now vowed to seek thousands of pounds worth of damages through a separate county court claim.

The brothers, of Nuttall Street, Accrington, admitted charges of actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm without intent at Burnley Crown Court.

Waqar Younis was sentenced to 12 months in a Young Offenders’ Institution and Khawar Younis received an eight-month Detention and Training Order, of which half is spent in custody. The pair canvassed for their father Mohammed before he was elected as county councillor for Accrington West last month.

The assault left Lianne, of Lime Road, Accrington, missing two upper front teeth and James, also 18, with deep cuts and bruises and needing a CT scan.

Lianne, who is training to become a child psychologist, recently had a screw fitted for a plate covering the gap left by her missing teeth, and has to wait another six months before replacement teeth are fitted.

She said: "The judge told me there would be no compensation.

"The teeth are free the first time but they only last 20 years and they cost £2,000.

"We are going to try going to the county court to claim for the future, as well as all the money I’ve lost from being off work. I was off work for three weeks after the screw was fitted as I was in such bad pain.

"My teeth are on a plate at the moment and they couldn’t fit the teeth in because my mouth had swelled up that much."

Following the 24 November attack, Lianne and James said they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time after they were confronted by a gang of lads who jumped out of a red Jeep as they were walking down the street.

James, of Kingston Avenue, said: "They started off punching me in the face and then when I hit the floor they started kicking me. I had cuts and bruises over my head and then started getting headaches. I can go out now knowing they have been locked up, but I still don’t think it was long enough."

It gets worse, however.

It has just been announced that the father of these boys Mohammed Younis, has been picked to speak for his area in a partnership intended to cut crime, which will see him meet with police and representatives of victim support groups.

This despite the fact he has stood by his racist, criminal sons and says he remains "proud of them."

A COUNCILLOR whose sons are in prison for a violent assault on a young couple has been chosen to speak for Hyndburn on a crime busting partnership.

Conservative Accrington West county Councillor Mohammed Younis will sit alongside police and victim support representatives on the multi agency Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

His sons Waqar Mohammed and Khawar were jailed last month after leaving Lianne Clayton with two front teeth missing and her boyfriend James Ryder with deep cuts and bruises in the November attack.

Councillor Younis, who narrowly won the county seat in June, has stood by his sons, insisting he remains "proud" of them.

Jean Battle, Councillor Younis's predecessor on the partnership, which meets regularly at Hyndburn Fire Station, was amazed at the appointment.

She said: "You have also got people from Victims Support and other agencies sat around that table. It's terribly compromising and for him to accept it is crazy."

County councillor and Hyndburn Labour group leader Graham Jones called on Mr Younis to resign and the Tories to apologise for nominating him.

He said: "I feel for the victims. You elect people who you think are leaders, people you look up to.

"There are three Labour county councillors who could have been appointed instead."

Lianne, aged 18, of Lime Road, felt the appointment was rubbing salt into the wound, following the election result.

She said: "I was disgusted the day he won the election and I am disgusted by the fact that he is still on the council.

"My dad actually rang up about a scheme in the night-time time to keep crime off the streets and they said that Mr Younis was in charge of it, so he out the phone down."

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